Day: June 5, 2020

Auckland Art Gallery’s Mix of Old and New

The Auckland Art Gallery boasts the largest collection of artwork in all of New Zealand — and when you have 40,000 pieces of art on hand, you need to come up with an interesting way to showcase them all. Nowadays, the perception of art galleries as old buildings or collections of former mansions is dwindling fast. Sure, old fashioned museums and galleries can be found in plenty of cities, but contemporary art institutions are always looking for new ways to show the public that they are still relevant. The Auckland Art Gallery is no different.

When the people of Auckland were asked what they wanted out of their museum-going experience, the message was clear. They wanted the gallery itself to be a work of art. They wanted an iconic work of architecture that respected all of New Zealand’s cultures and fit well with the gallery’s existing 131-year-old portions. Too often,

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