Day: July 14, 2018

Woodland Mammals of the UK Countryside

If you head down to the woods today, will you be sure of a surprise? The UK’s woodland might seem like a quiet place but under the trees, leaves and rocks the woods are teeming with wildlife. Here are some of the nation’s favourite mammals that you might be lucky enough to spot on your next woodland adventure:


These spiky critters are the UK’s only spiked mammal. When they feel threatened, they will roll themselves up into a tight ball, using their spikes to warn off potential predators. Thankfully for mum, baby hedgehogs are born with softer spines hidden under the skin and a second set appear a few days after birth. One unique trait that they have is covering their spines in saliva. It is not fully understood why they do this, some think it might be to attract a partner or as a preventative measure against parasites. … Read More