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11 artworks to see at this year’s Frieze Art Fair

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Walking through a pretty massive art fair and trying to point out the most interesting works is an arduous and very personal task. Art, after all, is a subjective craft. 

Which is all to say: every single piece at Frieze Art Fair, the festival of contemporary art that this year has taken over The Shed in Hudson Yards through May 22, is worth gazing at. From eclectic sculptures to more traditional paintings and exciting—and pretty massive!—installations, the space is filled with beautiful works from a variety of artists and galleries.

Below are some of our (subjectively, personal) favorites:

1. “Fantasia #2” by Anthony Akinbola

"Fantasia #2" by Anthony Akinbola
Photograph: Anna Rahmanan

2. “Drinking Fountains, Mobile, Alabama” by Gordon Parks

Drinking Fountains, Mobile, Alabama by Gordon Parks
Photograph: Anna Rahmanan

3. “Don’t be mad UPS is hiring: The storm” by Alvaro Barrington

"Don't be mad UPS is hiring: The storm" by Alvaro Barrington
Photograph: Anna Rahmanan

4. “Who’s Whoggenheim Whoseum?” by Simon Fujiwara

"Who's Whoggenheim Whoseum?" by Simon Fujiwara
Photograph: Anna Rahmanan

5. “It’s Me” by Paola Pivi

"It's Me" by Paola Pivi
Photograph: Anna Rahmanan

6. “Écorché” by Marsha Pels

"Écorché" by Marsha Pels
Photograph: Anna Rahmanan

7. “The Garden of Desolation” by Homa Delvaray

"The Garden of Desolation" by Homa Delvaray
Photograph: Anna Rahmanan

8. “Untitled” by Rodney Graham

"Untitled" by Rodney Graham
Photograph: Anna Rahmanan

9. “Study for the Assist” by Ernie Barnes

"Study for the Assist" by Ernie Barnes
Photograph: Anna Rahmanan

10. “Fragmented star (typographical)” by Carlos Amorales

"Fragmented star (typographical" by Carlos Amorales
Photograph: Anna Rahmanan

11. “Untitled” by Raymond Saunders

"Untitled" by Raymond Saunders
Photograph: Anna Rahmanan


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