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Young, local “Up & Comers” artwork to be displayed at The Garfield Art Gallery

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The Up & Comers Art Show press release:

“The Up & Comers is an art show opening at the Garfield Art Gallery on June 3rd

featuring three young up and coming artists each working in different mediums.
Andrew Bailey, a fine art photographer, will have a set of his portraits on display from his series,
“The Stare”, and his silhouette series “Elegance, Passion, Power”. “The Stare”, is a series that
focuses on simplicity and captures a plethora of stories through simplistic composition. In each
of these images Bailey wants a viewer to be able to stare into the characters’ soul and be
transported into their world. The silhouette series, “Elegance, Passion, Power”, is similar in some
ways with a focus on simplicity, but examines the themes and interactions of the bourgeoisie,
love, and power. Jaren Bulala, an abstract symbolism painter will have a series called
“Femminity” on display that captures the highs and lows of the female experience from an
outsider’s perspective. Their paintings experiment with a number of different techniques and

bold colors, all working together in such a way for vibrant and moving compositions. Valerie is a
gifted drafter who works primarily in colored pencil and graphite. With flowing lines and bright
colors, her series is titled “Coping” and explores the variety of healthy and unhealthy ways that
people cope with mental illness.

All four of these series come from young artists that are gifted for their age and are looking to break into the fine arts industry. For each of the artists, a college education will be an integral next step after this gallery show to grow their skills and viewership.

The relatively new gallery is located in the basement of the old Garfield School at 332 E.
Willamette Ave., Colorado Springs and is curated by Brian Tryon. Tryon acquired the space with
the intention of creating a gallery for artists that otherwise would not have the opportunity to
display and sell their artwork. Tryon is also a teacher and does classes on darkroom processes
both at the Manitou Art Center and now in his own space. Tryon believes that art is a way of
self-healing. He is a self taught photographer and visual artist and is a purist believing that the
snap is the final product. To Tryon his art is about capturing emotion and expressing himself in a
healthy way. The Up & Comers will be the fourth show he has curated.”

Learn more about the up & coming artists on social media:
@abphoto15 (artist Instagram)
@jarensart (artist Instagram)
@Valerie_art04 (artist Instagram)
@the.garfieldgallery (Gallery Instagram)


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