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Women Painting Women at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

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Gals Painting Ladies is a thematic exhibition featuring 46 female artists who select females as subject matter issue in their operates. This group exhibit presented by The Modern-day Artwork Museum of Fort Worth includes somewhere around 50 evocative portraits that span the late 1960s to the current. The exhibition was curated by Andrea Karnes, chief curator.

Yayoi: Arrangement in Yellow Lake and Vermillon Clair, 2021 by Christiane Lyons

Global in scope, Women Portray Gals recognizes female perspectives that have been underrepresented in the record of postwar figuration. Painting is the emphasis of the exhibition, as usually it has been a privileged medium for portraiture, particularly for white male artists. The artists in this article use portray and women as matter subject as automobiles for modify and assortment from early trailblazers like Alice Neel and Emma Amos to rising artists these types of as Jordan Casteel and Apolonia Sokol. I’m pleased to share that Christiane Lyons earlier highlighted on the The Curious Frenchy, is between the selected artists!

Some, these kinds of as Jenny Saville, get the job done on large canvases, developing pictures that dwarf the area around them, when other people, such as Somaya Critchlow, paint on a modest scale that invitations shut viewing. All position women—their bodies, gestures, and individuality—at the forefront. 

Four themes development in the works integrated in Women of all ages Portray Girls: The Body, Nature Personified, Color as Portrait, and Selfhood. As a result of these themes, the artists conceive new strategies to activate and elaborate on the portrayal of girls. Replete with complexities, realness, abjection, splendor, difficulties, everydayness, and joy, the portraits in this exhibition make way for woman artists to share the phase with their male counterparts in defining the image of lady and how it has progressed.

Catalogue of the exhibition

artists provided in the show

Rita Ackermann, Njideka Akunyili Crosby, Emma Amos, María Berrío, Louise Bonnet, Lisa Brice, Joan Brown, Jordan Casteel, Somaya Critchlow, Kim Dingle, Marlene Dumas, Celeste Dupuy-Spencer, Nicole Eisenman, Tracey Emin, Natalie Frank,Hope Gangloff, Eunice Golden, Jenna Gribbon, Alex Heilbron, Ania Hobson, Luchita Hurtado, Chantal Joffe, Hayv Kahraman, Maria Lassnig, Christiane Lyons, Danielle Mckinney, Marilyn Minter, Alice Neel, Elizabeth Peyton, Paula Rego, Faith Ringgold, Deborah Roberts, Susan Rothenberg, Jenny Saville, Dana Schutz, Joan Semmel, Amy Sherald, Lorna Simpson, Arpita Singh, Sylvia Sleigh, Apolonia Sokol, Might Stevens, Claire Tabouret, Mickalene Thomas, Nicola Tyson, Lisa Yuskavage.


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