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Wing Chun, Monkey and Praying Mantis – Some of the Deadliest Forms of Kung Fu

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Wing Chun, Monkey and Praying Mantis – Some of the Deadliest Forms of Kung Fu

The martial art called Kung Fu is ancient, yet extremely powerful. There are several diverse styles, many of which mirror animals and were formulated after close study of exactly how animals fight. Various other styles vary depending on what region of China and in precisely what era they were developed. One particular thing is obvious and that is any type of Kung Fu is deadly when employed by a kung fu practitioner.

Wing Chun

Wing Chun is actually based on the idea that the opponent will attack, which you then absorb and retaliate.The total philosophy of Wing Chun takes a very long time to totally comprehend, and many years of practice to master it. Theoretically speaking, Wing Chun makes use of a constant and never ending forward movement of energy that’s founded on the theory that a straight line is the shortest distance between two points.

On the offence, Wing Chun is all about a combination of straight lines together with deflecting arcs. Generally speaking, it is really an aggressive close quarter style which pushes offensive attacks and takes the battle right to the opponent. It was initially invented by a nun and is well suited for close quarter fights. One of the first grand masters of Wing Chun was called Ip Man whose life story was told in the motion picture of the same name which is actually one of the best kung fu movies ever made. Ip Man was perhaps most famous for teaching Bruce Lee the Win Chun Style of fighting.

Praying Mantis

More than four hundred years ago, a kung fu master known as Wang had a vision of a praying mantis fighting. By using a praying mantis which he captured, Wang analyzed it’s actions. By means of mimicking the moves that he saw, he developed and founded the Praying Mantis style of KungFu. Wang practiced and perfected his own martial art style through watching both offensive as well as defensive movements of the praying mantis. Praying Mantis kung fu is as lethal as it is renowned and can be observed in a great number of Chinese Kung Fu movies.


It may look childish but the truth is that Monkey style is actually among the most deadly martial arts styles on the planet. The Monkey style all started out when a tranquil man named See resisted police arrest right after unintentionally killing a police officer. See was sentenced to ten years in prison for his criminal offense, where he invested all of his time watching the prison apes.

He found them appealing and watched them endlessly from his prison cell. Through his ten year long prison term, he studied the way the apes moved, paying very close attention to how they defended themselves and also fought against one another. When he was released from the penitentiary, he adapted his style, becoming known as the Monkey Master.

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