Why Is It Important To Know About gtst spoilers?

GTST is the oldest running television soap which is broadcasted in dutch language over the whole of Europe. Till July 2018 the show had broadcast more than five thousand and eight hundred episodes combined in twenty-eight seasons. The show has a huge fan base across Europe and is loved by audiences of all age group. The storyline of the show is based on a virtual town of Meerdijk. It is a perfect combination of drama, comedy, romance, mystery, thriller and suspense. Broadcasted on the channel named RTL 4 the serial was first aired in the year 1990. Since then till now the story has seen many ups and downs and deaths of many major characters but still has kept the audience intact with itself. The show has a summer break and therefore goes off the air the month of June and returns in the month of September. The show has an average viewing rate of more than 2 million audiences per episode.

What All You Need To Know About GTST?

  • GTST is the longest running show of Europe: Yes, you hear it right. With more than five thousand eight hundred episodes being broadcasted the show is amongst the longest running shows in the history of television soaps in Europe. The first episode of the show was shown on 1st October 1990 and till date, the show has made twenty-eight seasons. The show is not only the highest and one of the most loved tv soaps in Netherland but the popularity of the show is nothing less in the whole of Europe.
  • GTST has a huge fan base: The show has something for all age groups. It is a family show but has a combination of ingredients like business, marriage, murder, mystery, suspense, divorce drama, kidnapping and comedy. The duration of the show including the commercials is thirty minutes. The social media pages of the show GTST clearly advocates how much it has created with the people around the whole of Europe.
  • GTST always ends with a cliffhanger: The television is known to go off the air in the month of June every year in order to have summer breaks. The thing which needs to be told here is that at the end of the last episode of each season the story shuts with a twist in the tale. This makes people eager to wait for the next season. The show returns to entertain the audience in the month of September and hence all the whats, whys, how, and whos which have been generated in the minds of people after the season ends can be answered.
  • GTST advocates many real day problems: From past few seasons, the makers of the show have brought some real-world issues in the virtual world of Meerdijk. Murders and kidnapping which are common around the world, the show breaks the stereotypes of homosexuality and also brings the truth of marriage in front of the audience.

GTST is a type of daily soap that people want to watch every day. Those who are a genuine fan of the show would like to know the gtst spoilers. They also would want to know what will happen next in the show. Hence, one can scroll over the internet and see what will happen in the show next.