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What’s not to Love? Celebrate the year of the Golden Ox in style at MGM

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It is fair to say that the Lunar New Year is the biggest celebration in Chinese culture. It is a time not only to welcome a new year, but to celebrate family and tradition. This time however, 2021 is extra special.

Not only are we commemorating the official start of the year of the Golden Ox on February 12 but opening our hearts on February 14, Valentine’s day.

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As the city prepares to fully embrace the national holiday, look no further: MGM has everything your heart desires, from incredible prizes, delicious food, romantic gestures and even Craftsmanship workshops. All you need is to be there.

Your own, personal God of Fortune

From February 12 to 21 guests and visitors can feast their eyes— and be blessed with good fortune— with the aerial show God of Fortune Comes to You at the Spectacle, MGM COTAI. In an unprecedented feat, the God of Fortune will be gliding in the air under the world-record Spectacle roof to ensure good luck and fortune will literally fall from above! What a perfect way to ensure fun to all members of the family!

And this is not all. Whether you’re at MGM MACAU or MGM COTAI, the God of Fortune will be handing out delicious (and auspicious!) fortune cookies packed with unique surprises and gifts inside.  Not any type of gift, mind you, but truly remarkable ones. Gifts include incredible 999.9 gold bracelets, gold charms and Chow Tai Fook cash coupons (yes, you read right). Feel you can’t get enough? Fear not, amazing stays at MGM’s hotel rooms, spa and F&B gift vouchers are also to be included. Be sure not to miss the opportunity! If you are already a fan, you’ll reap even more rewards. From February 8, MGM will treat you to a dining voucher or hotel accommodation when you shop at designated retail outlets at the two properties. The more you spend, the more you will get during this Chinese New Year! You can check our full list of prizes and rewards here.

A Loving Celebration

MGM wants to ensure nothing goes amiss in the year
where Love and the New Year share the dates. There will be no shortage of romantic
options for those who wish to celebrate their love while toasting the year of
the Ox. Couples can indulge at Grill 58 at MGM COTAI, by sharing the
Valentine’s Day Teppanyaki Escapades or the 5-course Dinner Set with their
better half. But there’s more, the evening bliss does not have to be limited to
your meal. Why not reserve a table and partake in a grand, romantic gesture.
Get your message projected on the mega-LED screens at the Spectacle, just in
time for dinner. And remember: sometimes words do matter!

For the cherry on top, Anytimes  will curb any desire for sweets with
irresistible Valentine’s Day themed
pastries. For those who like to take action into their own hands, there are
special Valentine’s Day Heart-shaped
Cake Decorating workshop for free at Anytime for those guests with
dinner reservations at any MGM COTAI dining outlet on February 14. Nothing says
“I love You” like home-baked goods.

Auspicious Delicacies

As with most celebrations, few things matter as
much as good food to be enjoyed with and around family. For an auspicious year,
not only is one expected to indulge in quality food, but also in dishes that
will surely bring on the good luck. That is why MGM prepared an array of
choices to be shared with loved ones. 
Both Chún at MGM COTAI and Imperial Court  at MGM MACAU are each serving a Chinese
New Year special set dinner menu. Chúns set ensures a twist
on the traditional, by  including a
lineup of dishes that symbolize good fortune, such as Double-boiled fish maw
with preserved cabbages and Stir-fried Australian lobster with spring onion and
ginger. As for Imperial Court’s set menu it also
makes use of deluxe
and unique seasonal ingredients whilst also staying true to traditional  cooking. Must tries include Steamed giant
garoupa with cordyceps flowers and lily bulbs, Double-boiled silkie chicken,
pearl clams and American ginseng just to name a few.

If you are to desire something spicier, fear not. Sichuanese restaurant Five Foot Road delivers a taste of the most authentic Sichuan festive delicacies to Macau with the Nine Dishes Banquet, a name that makes it all the more auspicious!  The set is fit for a king with classics including Braised giant garoupa fillet with chili bean paste, Stir-fried sea cucumber with diced pork belly and Stewed duck, and much, much more. 

is life without a little art? MGM has always championed the arts and local
artists! That is why, ’M Art, the conceptual creative space at MGM COTAI will
host two festive art workshops, Fortune in your Bag and Fold your
Multipurpose Heartful Installation x Benson Lam
. At the former,
participants may craft and decorate their very own auspicious lucky bag to
store all festive blessings in it. Whilst in the latter, a collaboration with
Paper Engineering artist Benson Lam, participants may create a multipurpose,
heart-shaped 3D paper light installation that doubles as a mobile phone holder
or a photo frame. Few things will showcase care and attention as a handmade
gift on Valentines day.


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