December 2, 2022


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What You Should Do With Old Film Negatives

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What You Need to Do With Outdated Film Negatives sitting down in storage

Are you not sure what to do with the outdated film negatives you have sitting down in storage? Consider some of our thoughts concerning what you need to do with aged movie negatives.


Do you have packing containers of film negatives in storage that you are uncertain what to do with? We’ve obtained some strategies! Investigate these recommendations on what to do with outdated movie, from craft concepts to digitization and extra.

Craft Them Into A thing New

If you consider by yourself artsy or inventive, don’t permit beneficial materials like film negatives go to squander. There are quite a few prospects to transform your old movie or picture negative selection into enjoyable and interesting artwork parts.

There are loads of matters individuals have produced with outdated movies, such as candle holders, ribbons, lampshades, and even unique earrings. The only restrict to what you can make is your creativity!

Digitize Your Selection

To ensure your outdated movie negatives don’t turn out to be harmed or light, you really should get them digitized immediately. There are several factors to digitize your movie negatives—this procedure ensures they won’t fade, tear, or get misplaced in the long run. You’ll normally have a backup electronic duplicate!

On top of that, after you have digital copies of your movies, there is so a lot a lot more you can do with them. Retailer images on a cloud storage process and easily share them with buddies and family this way, everyone can glimpse at them any time they want from their phone, personal computer, or pill.

Promote Them

Even if you don’t have any use for your previous films any longer, that does not mean that a person else does not! Recycle artists and crafters are often on the lookout for new products to convert recycled objects into new crafts.

Acquire your packing containers of outdated negatives to a thrift store or flea market place and see if anybody would clearly show desire in getting them off your fingers for a reasonable price tag. Or, if you’ve received some rare film, you can provide it online—there are often collectors seeking to get their fingers on rare film.

Recycle Them

If you’ve operate out of options—or you have by now digitized your collection and are ready to free of charge up some of your storage space—you can often recycle your movie negatives. On the other hand, municipal recycling internet sites won’t take movie or image negatives due to their special make-up and chemical composition.

Your ideal bet will be to use a licensed services like GreenDisk or an additional corporation. You can fall off or mail your negatives, and they’ll make certain that they are recycled securely and responsibly.

We hope we’ve supplied you some very good concepts pertaining to what to do with your old film. What will you do with your aged collection—sell them to another collector or produce some one of a kind crafts?

Are you a photographer? Do you know what you must do with outdated film negatives? Share your feelings. Go away a remark.


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