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What Should You Expect From a Tattoo Parlour?

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For some people, they have no idea what to expect from a tattoo parlour. They have this idea in their heads that tattoo parlours are dingy little shops that allow truckers and bikers on their premises.

This opinion often makes them feel intimidated and they will change their mind about getting a tattoo altogether. It seems a shame that they will miss out on their artwork because they might not have done their research as well as they should have.

The fact is that times have changed. People from all walks of life get tattoos now and the shops are not like they used. Some people have gone into tattoo parlours and they have seen people who are teachers, police officers and nurses that are getting tattooed. One client even said that he went into the tattoo parlour and his mother was sitting there getting work done.

Getting a tattoo is not as taboo. In the olden days, people refuse jobs because they had tattoos, but that is not the case anymore. Some businesses might need you to cover it up, but they will certainly not refuse you work just because you have a tattoo. Some employers won’t even raise the question in an interview.

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo but you are not sure what to expect from the tattoo shop, then you should read ahead to get all the information that you need.


Some people think that the tattoo parlours are dirty and they will get infections just from stepping through the door. However, this is not the case anymore.

Tattoo artists will wear gloves because a tattoo is an open injury until it heals. Therefore, when they are making contact with your skin, they have to make sure that they cover their hands, so that there is no cross contamination.

This is for their safety as much as yours. When they are tattooing certain people there might be some blood on your skin, so they have to protect themselves from getting their skin in contact with your blood. Blood loss is minimal.

In addition to using gloves, the artist has to make sure that their station is sterile and that they change their needles between customers. Some tattoo parlours are actually cleaner than some hospitals because they have their stations cleaned that much. Artists tend to clean their stations at the beginning and end of the day, and between clients. There is a very little chance of getting infections from tattoo parlours.


When you go into a tattoo parlour, you should expect it to look a bit like an art gallery, but with chairs and benches all over the place. They will have artwork on the walls and they will have many portfolios, for you to pick your art from.

Some parlours will have the portfolios mounted on their walls and others will have them as books in the waiting area.

The old image of a dingy and dirty room is something that is not the case. Tattoo parlours are not like that anymore. They are very clean and friendly places. Tattoo artists do not judge, and often times, they feel very privileged at being chosen to do your artwork. They will be gracious and very polite. They might give you some advice about the place or the design of the artwork. They are professional.

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