Upgrade Your Houseplants into Exciting Art Pieces with These 3D-Printed Planters

Classic terra-cotta planters certainly work just fine for housing your plants. But beautiful containers can double as art in your home, and there are so many eye-catching styles to choose from (I have a super cute owl planter that I love, even though I haven’t found the perfect plant for it yet). If you draw inspiration from contemporary style and sleek lines when you’re decorating your home, getting a few 3D-printed planters is a fun way to upgrade uninspiring containers. Etsy has dozens of shops selling these handmade pots for houseplants, featuring cool textures and bright colors. All of the planters are durable, watertight (with the exception of drainage holes), and lightweight (less than half a pound).

Courtesy of PrintAPot / Etsy

1. Pineapple Planter

Decorating with pineapples has long been a symbol of hospitality and welcoming, and the Etsy shop PrintAPot makes it easy to bring this icon to your houseplants. It has adorable pineapple planters that are just over 2 inches wide (the perfect size for a small succulent or air plant) and available in a wide range of colors, including gold, red, pink, white, and turquoise. For an extra $3.50, the shop will even include a live air plant with your order, which perfectly completes the look of this tropical fruit. PrintAPot has plenty of other cute shapes too, such as strawberries, elephants, and tiny hedgehogs.

Buy It: Pineapple Air Plant Holder, ($12, Etsy)

Courtesy of MysticFantasyCraft / Etsy

2. Rainbow Planters

If you have trouble choosing just one color (like me), pick a geometric planter that combines a few different hues. The Etsy shop MysticFantasyCraft prints the 4-inch wide containers from rainbow-colored polylactic acid (one of the most popular materials for 3D printing) which creates gorgeous blended jewel tones. There’s no guarantee of what combination of colors you’ll get, but based on the shop’s photos, they’ll all look stunning.

Buy It: Multicolored Succulent Planter, ($15, Etsy)

Courtesy of MeshCloud / Etsy

3. Neutral, Geometric Planters

3D-printed planters look elegant in neutral colors, too! Etsy shop MeshCloud has tons of container designs to choose from, and most are in classic colors such as white, black, and gray. The neutral palette really helps the geometric designs on this set of four planters pop, and each 3.5-inch wide pot (with drainage holes) in the set has a different texture. The set is perfect for a modern home, especially when lined up on your windowsill or even grouped on a coffee table.

Buy It: Modern Planter Set, ($38, Etsy)

Courtesy of GreenDesk / Etsy

4. Hanging Diamond Planter

Why not take your hanging plants to new heights in a 3D-printed container? Etsy seller GreenDesk has a couple of options for hanging and wall-mounted pots. One of their cutest containers is shaped like a diamond and comes in a range of sizes, with the smallest measuring about 4.5 inches wide, and the largest at almost 10 inches. Choose from 15 different colors, including silver, gold, lime green, light purple, and sky blue (you also have the option to add drainage holes), then hang your container with a trailing plant such as string of pearls, pothos, or burro’s tail.

Buy It: Diamond Hanging Planter, ($16, Etsy)

Courtesy of Esomesh / Etsy

5. Wood Mix Spiral Planter

This 3D-printed planter from Etsy seller Esomesh has a truly mesmerizing design. It’s printed in a simple spiral pattern, but each twist has dozens of tiny extra ridges. The planter is printed using an eco-friendly wood-mix, which makes it look a little more earthy and natural than some of the other designs you’ll see, and includes a drainage hole. The shop has a variety of sizes ranging from 2 inches wide up to 6.5 inches, ideal for succulents or other small houseplants.

Buy It: Eco-Friendly Succulent Planter, ($12, Etsy)