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UPDATED: Style Weekly has shut down after nearly 39 years | Business News

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Style later turned into being a “kind of renegade” publication, she said. “But let me be the first to say that we didn’t plan it that way. We just had so many good lucky breaks and hard work.”

Jason Roop, who started working at Style as a reporter in November 2000 and served as its editor-in-chief for 12 years from April 2005 to May 2017, said Style’s commitment to local journalism and its ability to be nimble and creatively competitive is what made the publication a success.

“Limited resources can propel you to experiment more,” Roop said. “We enjoyed freedom in the kinds of stories we could dig into. Style balanced a tenacity in reporting and serious journalism with a sense of humor that could poke fun at the quirks of Richmond life — and ourselves. But our readers understood that we also lived and worked here, too, and were part of the community.”

Style focused on arts and culture reporting and reviews. It also developed a variety of annual special features that became a staple for readers, such as The Power List, You Are Very Richmond If …, Best of Richmond, Top 40 Under 40 and Richmonder of the Year.

“Looking back, those issues worked well because they found an intersection between celebrating the community while providing value, giving people information and context, presented with authority, local expertise and appreciation for the community,” said Roop, who now runs Springstory, a content marketing and public relations business.

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