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Top 5 Leica Cameras You Can Buy In 2021

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The best Leica cameras in 2021 | Digital Camera World

Leica is one of the most celebrated camera brands. Based in Germany, Leica is a trusted camera manufacturer for photographers around the world. Reading reviews can help you to buy EVERYTHING at the best price. German people also use trusted platforms to read online reviews that help them make the right decisions. The Erfahrungenscout.de website is among the leading German reviews websites where people read reviews to choose the best products for their value. Speaking of value, Leica cameras are also popular for being high-priced. This feature makes them less popular in everyone’s hands, but pros do prefer using Leica cameras. This article outlines 5 of the best Leica cameras you should buy in 2021. 

  1. Leica M10-R

Talk about a high price! This Leica camera is unlike any other camera you can have your hands on. The M10-R features an old-school design, so most people who don’t know much about Leica may even write it off for looking “Older.” However, on the contrary, the M10-R produces outstanding photos that challenge any full-frame camera out there. Many people still like to print photos and send them as gifts. Online reviews show that companies such as Photobox are very popular for sending photo gifts. The shooting experience of the M10-R is unique and richer than other cameras in the market. One has to practice, make some mistakes and keep trying to use and get the best results from Leica M10-R. 

  1. Leica M10-D

Can you imagine a camera without a screen to see the pictures you’ve taken? Well, if you keep an eye on new cameras out there, you might know of the screenless Fujifilm X-Pro3. Most people have praised X-Pro3 for introducing this screen-free experience, but they certainly don’t know that M10-D did it first. Exposure compensation dial that’s present at its backside and some other dials make it outstanding for learned photographers

  1. Leica SL2

Leica SL2 is a full-frame mirrorless camera that has more to offer than its competitors. This camera offers the same legendary design Leica is famous for in the world. The build quality and lenses are seamless and shape up the photography experience. The L-mount on the SL2 enables it to connect with a range of optics in the market. It’s the sensor, in-body stabilization, and 4K recording that makes it an ideal choice for experienced photographers who want nothing but the best out there!

  1. Leica CL

Leica CL is a compact camera that packs huge value in a small package. This camera comes with an L-mount that enables it to do more. The presence of a 3-inch LCD on this model is ideal for previewing images. This camera can connect to WiFi which is an in-demand feature. The 10fps burst shooting on this compact model is super-fast and reliable. The ability to attach an external flash and handling features with dials make it ideal for Leica fans. 

  1. Leica X-U

Think about jumping into the water with a compact Leica camera that does EVERYTHING! Leica X-U features an internal setup that can shoot shallow depth of field images with no difficulty at all. This camera is shock-resistant and shatterproof, which adds to its uniqueness and usefulness for underwater photography. The only downside one can find its inability to shoot videos in 4K. Other than that, who wouldn’t want a Leica waterproof camera? 

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