They notify him 49 fines, and he turns them into works of art


After receiving a slew of fines (49 to be precise, and all together) from the municipality of Bologna, instead of “swallowing the frog” he decided to turn this experience into art.

This is the case of Leonardo Scali, specialized nurse of the Sant’Orsola hospital. After moving to Bologna from England, he began to work in the Covid department and, to reach the headquarters, every day he used the scooter loaned to him by a friend. Too bad that, to shorten the journey, he walked along the bus lane, without realizing he was committing an infringement. Until the sanctions were notified to him.

So here’s the idea: to transform each fine into a unique collector’s item. Thus was born “Forgive me Bolo”, the first collection of NTF (non-fungible tokens, certificates that attest to the uniqueness, authenticity and ownership of a digital object).

“Forgive me Bolo is the sad ending of a personal story, an image of the destiny of the individual crushed by the ineluctable steamroller of authority – is the description made by the collective of artists who helped the protagonist to realize his idea -. The nurse Scali fights against Covid, free, whizzing on his scooter; the Municipality of Bologna issues its sentence, ruthlessly notifying the infringements; those documents are all that remains in the hands of the destroyed Scali. Infringements and debts. Which here become art “.

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