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The Linkage between Culture and Art

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Art and Faith | One woman's understanding of the linkage between ...

Culture is stated to be the way of life of a group of people. There are many groups of people in the world today and they are majorly divided by location, tribe, race, and religion. Different groups of people have the way they live which is mostly unique to them.  Art has been a major part of every culture because there are various ways that art is linked to culture. Some of the major ways art is linked to culture are discussed subsequently.

Folklore is one of the many linkages between culture and art. It is normal for adults in society to tell the younger ones stories about the culture of a society. In some cases, the stories could be a true-life story of what happened in the area some time ago which was a major event. Such stories could be about heroes who by upholding the culture of the land were able to do exploit or villains who went against the culture of the land and were punished. Such stories encourage the younger ones to keep to the culture, knowing what they should do and what they should avoid.

Use of images to represent deities
Many cultures had religions where deities were carved out of wood or made from bronze, iron, and other materials. They subsequently use the sculptures to represent their gods, whom they talk to when they want to make a request. They also sometimes pour a libation on the deities as a form of worship. The deities are usually kept in a shrine where people usually visit to worship them.  Even though the spread of Christianity and Islam has resulted in a reduction in the popularity of most of the other religions, it is still being practiced. Catholic churches often have sculpted images of Jesus, Mary, and other angels hanging around in Catholic churches and homes of the Catholic faithful. A visit to museums around the world will have you come in contact with several sculptures that were either created to represent deities or that has other form of linkages with various cultures. It is also possible to buy sculptures with cultural values from Smithsonian Museum Store.

Fashion requires that an individual be able to put on clothes in a way that they look appealing. Thus, some element of art is applied to picking colorful fabrics, sewing them together such that they look good, wearing them for the right occasions, and using the right fashion accessories while wearing them. Several cultures also have specific fashion styles that are unique to them. For example, it is possible to know a Westerner, an African, or from the Middle East based on the type of cloth he is putting on. The same applies to several other cultures across the world.

Mode of worship
The mode of worship is another means through which culture and art are related. It is normal for a lot of cultures to communicate with the Supreme Being they believe in through certain styles that would include singing and dancing. There are instances where festivals are organized once or twice a year to showcase the cultural heritage of a place or to worship gods. Such festivals are often colorful, attracting people who are practicing the religion or people who want to watch the exciting activities that are involved in the worship from all over the world.

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