San Diego Weekend Arts Events: The Shell, SummerFest, Nahla Valdez, John Mireles And The Circus

The San Diego Symphony opens their new outdoor venue, The La Jolla Music Society’s SummerFest, Art Power Equity, contemporary photography at SDMA and Fern St Circus.

This weekend in the arts we have a much-anticipated performance at the new outdoor concert space in town, American classical music blended with interdisciplinary film at the La Jolla Music Society’s SummerFest, two unusual visual art experiences and a free circus performance in the South Bay. Read on for all the details.

The Rady Shell Opening Weekend


This weekend, three different programs will grace the San Diego Symphony’s long-awaited new outdoor stage, including Sunday’s Gladys Knight performance and Saturday’s “Best of Broadway.” But it’s Friday’s opening night that caught my attention. It’s the full symphony, with music director Rafael Payare on the podium, and a broad range of composers and styles to fill out the night.

The event opens with a

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67 Best Memorial Day Weekend Sales 2020

memorial day sales

You’ve had a lot of hours to stare at your home’s interior over the past couple months. Too many. For the better, you might’ve noticed that hanging vinyls on the wall really made the living room feel lived-in, and that wearing cool loungewear really brightened your mood while working-from-home. For the worse, you might now see that your couch is tattered, your mattress is worn down to the coils, and your coffee maker is actually a POS. And the clothes you’ve been sitting in to stare are likely collecting their fair share of stains, too. So, in lieu of descending on friends’ backyards with cases of beer this Memorial Day weekend, you might as well online shop. What the hell else do you have to do?

The following is a running list of sales on stuff that’ll make your home and closet all that much better—bedding and furniture, clothes and

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