Farewell, Ivanka Trump? No, Ivanka Doesn’t Want to Say Farewell.

Mandel Ngan/Getty
Mandel Ngan/Getty

Ivanka Trump’s time in the White House has been horrible for America. But hey, at least it’s been great for her Instagram feed.

And right now, that might be the only thing that matters for Ivanka. She now has a highlights reel for every possible plan (for high office? for something), a glossy assortment of action shots from the world stage—posing at Buckingham Palace, barnstorming the Heartland, and gesticulating, Hillary-style, on the campaign trail in Georgia.

Her father’s administration crippled the country to the point of a violent attempted insurrection, but you know, Ivanka’s got content.

Oh, The Places Ivanka Won’t Go

As Joe Biden’s inauguration looms, the first daughter’s reputation continues to crumble. Never mind the failed, hideously violent Capitol coup, which would normally be a big buzz kill for any influencer’s image. The Washington Post reported that the Kushners did not

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Trump Orders Art Deco One Of The Only Acceptable Federal Design Styles. Architects Are Not Happy

An executive order issued by President Trump this month limited the kinds of architectural styles for federal developments to a small list of options. Moving forward, the only designs for federal developments, according to the order, are Neoclassical, Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival, Beaux-Arts, and lastly: Art Deco.

More than any other part of the nation, South Florida is known for the pastel colors and soft curves of Art Deco design. The aesthetic has become synonymous with the way that South Florida — especially Miami Beach — has been marketed to tourists, selling the grandeur of the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s.

But many architects, including Art Deco enthusiasts, are not happy with Trump’s executive order.

“I don’t think that governments have mandated architectural style since as far as I know, Mussolini and the fascist architecture of Italy,” said Daniel Ciraldo, the president of the Miami Design Preservation League. “Or there are

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Melania Trump Styles Navy Shift Dress With Christian Louboutin Pumps

While celebrating a milestone for the Middle East, Melania Trump opted for her go-to shoe style: the classic pump. For apparel, she chose a sold-out Prada filigree-patterned navy shift dress that features a midi length, high neckline, and cap sleeves with a white pattern throughout that matched her shoes. The Italian designer also offers a tie-shoulder style in a similar pattern. It retails for $1,525 and is available for purchase on

For footwear, the First Lady chose a pair of her beloved Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps in the white colorway, which, of course, feature the distinctive red sole. The shoes have a white patent leather upper, deep cut collar, pointed toe, and a 4.8-inch stiletto heel with the iconic leather sole. While the style is currently sold out, the black and nude colorways are still available for purchase. They retail for $695 on

Her ensemble for

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Trump State Park

newsNowadays president Trump has got to resolve also several difficulties, 1 of which is the issue that North Korea is causing, because they want to be a nuclear power by building atomic bombs. I often favor television, it’s all there you are watching and hearing the news. Even though every person must have the rights to hold and express their points of view, the highly respected Cronkite’s failure to preserve his views separate from the news he was trusted to report was an impetus to the explosion of yellow journalism we are currently forced to filter facts from. Americans need to turn out to be conscious of news sources other than the mainstream media. Considering that every human has and demonstrates bias, the best way I’ve located to have a greater likelihood at arriving at what’s largely precise and correct is to get one’s news from a range of news … Read More