Requiem of the Rose King’s Visual Style Enhances Its Story

The controversial art style of ‘Requiem of the Rose King’ subverts its own inspirations to tell a dark, disturbing tale of vengeance and ambition

Drawing from the Shakespearean History Plays Henry VI and Richard III, the ongoing adaptation of Aya Kanno’s shojo Requiem of the Rose King follows the story of young Richard Plantaganet throughout the War of the Roses. Mirroring its Shakespearean influences and their own historical sources, Aya Kanno’s story takes bold creative liberties with the established history; the most striking of which being the depiction of Richard Plantagenet as intersex.

However, Requiem of the Rose King offers a more psychologically-nuanced and problematic account of this identity by focusing on the alienation Richard experiences and internalizes. From its introductory episodes, the adaptation lays this groundwork through a maze of visual and atmospheric effects which distort the narrative, entangling history within Richard’s own increasingly chaotic interiority. Reminiscent of

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The Batman Fan Recreates Movie Poster in Mazzucchelli’s Iconic Year One Art Style

See one fan’s recreation of a poster for The Batman done in David Mazzucchelli’s iconic art style from his influential 1987 comic, Batman: Year One.

Despite having been published over three decades ago, the impact of Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s Batman: Year One is still being felt today through films such as The Batman. — and one fan took it upon themselves to homage Mazzucchelli’s iconic art style in a recreation of a poster for the upcoming movie.

Depicting the Caped Crusader alongside his alter ego, Bruce Wayne, as well as the Riddler, Penguin and Catwoman, all wearing their classic costumes, artist John Black faithfully adapted Mazzucchelli’s iconic style in a recreation of a poster for The Batman posted to their Instagram. Black’s fan art faithfully encapsulates Mazzucchelli’s dark and muted style while also applying the same muddy color palette that gave Mazzucchelli’s illustrations their grounded, grimy effect

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Pokemon Revisits Original Anime’s Style With Stunning Short

Pokemon has awesomely revisited the anime’s original art style with a stunning new animated short! The Pokemon franchise has come a long way since the anime first debuted, and as it continues to celebrate its 25th Anniversary the franchise has collaborated with a number of big names on special releases that have included new art, music, fashion, and all sorts of collectibles. These collaborations have seen them previously join up with an artist for some new fashion, and now Pokemon has teamed up with this artist once more on a series of special art exhibits hitting Japan over the next few weeks. 

Pokemon has teamed up with artist Daniel Arsham (who previously illustrated some exclusive art for the franchise in a UNIQLO collaboration) for a new series of exhibits hitting Japan that showcase the artist’s Pokemon sculptures that have been warped by time in certain ways. Previously celebrating the new

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Style Conversational Week 1475: The Empress on The Style Invitational’s contest for a Washington Commanders song

So you’d think that the team’s rebranding would, first thing, purge itself of one of its most embarrassing trademarks: the fight song “Hail to the Redskins.” But according to a recent ESPN story, the team’s president, Jason Wright, “said Commanders will be folded into the old fight song, though with updated lyrics after fan input.” REEEEALLLLY?

Well, we’ll happily offer up Mark Raffman’s example at the top of this week’s Style Invitational, Week 1475. We’re sure the team will especially appreciate its allusions to the current woes (ah, schadenfreude!) of longtime Horrible Team Owner Snyder. And we invite your own effort as well — either a song (to any tune) or a cheer for the team, either of them entirely satiric. And for those of you who aren’t inspired by football, there’s a huge out: You can write something about any other Washington institution —

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