Upgrade Your Houseplants into Exciting Art Pieces with These 3D-Printed Planters

Classic terra-cotta planters certainly work just fine for housing your plants. But beautiful containers can double as art in your home, and there are so many eye-catching styles to choose from (I have a super cute owl planter that I love, even though I haven’t found the perfect plant for it yet). If you draw inspiration from contemporary style and sleek lines when you’re decorating your home, getting a few 3D-printed planters is a fun way to upgrade uninspiring containers. Etsy has dozens of shops selling these handmade pots for houseplants, featuring cool textures and bright colors. All of the planters are durable, watertight (with the exception of drainage holes), and lightweight (less than half a pound).

Courtesy of PrintAPot / Etsy

1. Pineapple Planter

Decorating with pineapples has long been a symbol of hospitality and welcoming, and the Etsy shop PrintAPot makes it easy to bring this icon to

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4 Beautiful Pieces Of Renaissance Choral Music (And What To Listen For)

musicProperly, this page is meant to be both helpful and amusing, so I chose the old school phrase, six of the greatest, to start it off! The fund nevertheless exists, and is now named the Music Functionality Fund (MPF), a tax-exempt non-profit organization that presented over 10,000 cost-free performances in the United States and Canada in 2011. I believe that Monteverdi’s music deserves to be celebrated and performed on the occasion of his 450th birth-year, and I think we would comprehend his noteworthy accomplishments far better if we shed tired clichés and alternatively told the much more nuanced and historically accurate stories of his life in relationship with his contemporaries.

Romantic music expanded beyond the rigid types and types of the Classical era into far more passionate, dramatic expressive pieces and songs. For Kindergarten classes we practice writing quarter notes and quarter rests and clapping our patterns with a pal. … Read More