Search on for stolen Fence Art Project mural

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – A local artist needs your help after she says someone stole a mural she made to help beautify the Starland neighborhood.

a close up of a fence: WTOC

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It was a part of a series of murals with the Fence Art Project and was put on display over construction fencing. Fence Art Project artist and Savannah College of Art and Design graduate NaeKeisha Jones says she was proud to have her work on display to help bring some color to the Starland neighborhood.

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“The most things that we planned for were like weather, getting molded, putting a protective coat on it or even if someone to defaced it, being prepared for those type of things,” Jones said.

But one thing she didn’t plan for, was it being stolen.

“It was tied down pretty securely all the way around,” Jones said.

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