SCAD grad’s solo show collides Nascar, Evel Knievel with European history painting

"Ice Gold," (2020), acrylic on panel by Evan Jones is one of the paintings by the Atlanta artist featured at Buckhead's Thomas Deans Fine Art.
Courtesy of Thomas Deans Fine Art

“Ice Gold,” (2020), acrylic on panel by Evan Jones is one of the paintings by the Atlanta artist featured at Buckhead’s Thomas Deans Fine Art.
Courtesy of Thomas Deans Fine Art

Credit: Handout

Credit: Handout

Did you cat nap in seventh-grade American history? Then maybe you missed learning about the famous battle documented in Jones’ uproarious painting “American History T-REX.” Like the Trapper Keeper doodle of a bored preadolescent boy, the painting depicts a snarling T-Rex and soldiers in Napoleonic uniforms in a fierce and bloody battle. The flatness, which Jones renders the action along with the ludicrous derring-do of the toy-like soldiers who fly through the air like Superman, is a nod to how painting cements imagination into ideology. And yet Jones’ crazy fantasies like a Prussian soldier in “See 7 States” cajoling visitors to “See Rock City” is not too far off from our crazy hodgepodge reality

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Denver Art Museum Showcases 19th Century In European Art

DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver Art Museum will place 85 artworks in new galleries beginning Sunday as part of The 19th Century in European Art on display for visitors to see in its permanent collection. The paintings capture the move artists made from antiquity to abstract in that time period.

a painting of a room

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“It’s hard to think of other centuries where there have been so many changes, so many great transition such as in the 19th century,” said Angelica Daneo, the chief curator and curator of European Art before 1900 at the Denver Art Museum. “The artists that broke with tradition, broke with principals of the academy and created really a new art, a new movement pushing the boundaries.”


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Well-known artists like Monet, Renoir, and Cézanne will be on view as one gallery is dedicated to the French impressionist movement. The new layout will

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Variations Amongst American And European Terminology In Music Theory

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