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The Portrait Presentation was a Hit

Rev. Chad Lawrence Headmaster of Holy Trinity

Rev. Chad Lawrence Headmaster of Holy Trinity

I’m very excited to present my portrait of Headmaster Chad Lawrence who is retiring from Holy Trinity Christian school in Beaufort, SC this year. The portrait was a senior gift to the school and will hang in the lobby of the new facility, which will be complete in time for the beginning of the next school year. What a beautiful legacy they leave for future generations.

Rev. Lawrence is sitting on a chair, upholstered with the school color pattern. On the table behind him is a very precious good shepherd woodcarving and the bible. The simple wood frame added to the modest, gentle leadership style of Rev. Lawrence.

The portrait was a complete surprise to Rev. Lawrence. The seniors staged a mock graduation ceremony for the purposes of my getting photos. I posed as a yearbook

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Entertainment entrepreneur Miles Long (@mileslong4real) is launching a new television show featuring lingerie-clad models and impressive supercars.

Miles, 53, will work on a series of automobiles requiring extensive modifications, armed with his mechanical knowledge and a host of beautiful women.

The show, named ‘Modz and Bodz’, will air on the Lingerie Fighting Championships (LFC) Network channel ROKU alongside fellow sports entertainment programmes, ‘Get Wet’ and ‘Strength and Dominance’.

The celebrity mechanic is embracing his passion for building incredible automobiles and wanted to share the process with fans.

While the show will feature incredible supercars, the technicalities that Miles teaches are applicable to a range of more standard vehicles.

Miles said: “Teaching basic car maintenance and repair was one of the things that I wanted to highlight by doing a show that could encourage more people to tackle doing some projects on their own.

“I thought by

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Michael J. Bramwell Appointed Boston MFA’s First Folk Art Curator


The Boston Museum of Fine Arts has named Michael J. Bramwell its inaugural Joyce Linde Curator of Folk and Self-Taught Art, the Boston Globe reports. The newly created position, under the aegis of the institution’s Art of the Americas department, and the recent establishment of the museum’s Folk Art Initiative represent an attempt on the part of the Boston MFA to elevate the genre. Folk art, a loose term applied to a wide range of artistic forms and expressions, and which is often attributed to anonymous or enslaved people, typically takes a back seat to works by European and American artists, and is frequently subsumed under broader rubrics at most major US museums or presented in institutions solely devoted to its exhibition.

Bramwell will assume his new role June 1, working with colleagues in various departments to create exhibitions and public programming aimed at raising the profile of the

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New collage art materials in the shop!


I’m so excited to be able to share some new materials with you, which go in the shop this week for PRESALE. They will be shipped the first week in June.

The first is a reproduction of one of my most frequently inquired about gluebooks – my index card collage art collection.

Over the years you may have seen me working in it. Here’s one of my standing desk with my cards. I keep them bound with a metal ring.

A close-up of some of the pages.

a vintage photo of a house, collaged with pattern paper and other vintage papers
Often it’s not possible to put into words why one paper works better than another in a collage. Often it’s just a feeling,

I had everything scanned to a high resolution quality, so that it would print beautifully, and boy, I am not disappointed! The color and quality is just as good as the original. The paper is a heavier card stock,

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