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Jubilee! art show highlights youth talent


The Homer Council on the Arts annual Jubilee! Youth Art show runs through the end of April at the arts council gallery and at Ano Kissaten Coffee Roasters on the Homer Bypass near West Pioneer Avenue. Featuring art by youth in kindergarten through high school, HCOA director said much of the work comes from art classes at local schools. From schools at the head of Kachemak Bay, work was done by students in the Voznesenka Art Club.

Work encompasses a variety of media both two- and three-dimensional. More traditional media includes pen and ink, watercolor, and acrylics, but some works are in encaustic wax while others were painted on foam. Skill sets range from young emerging artists to students at the peak of their high school career, such as Mariah McGuire, HCOA Youth Artist of 2021. One of the delights in the show comes from seeing the maturity and

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Juxtapoz Magazine – Corey K. Lamb’s “Natural Selection” @ Hashimoto Contemporary, Los Angeles


Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present Natural Selection, the debut Los Angeles solo presentation by artist Corey K. Lamb. Returning for his third solo exhibition with the gallery, the Florida-based painter’s newest work blends sensuality, humor and the macabre with Darwinian themes of biology and human experience, told in the artist’s signature chromatic style.

Distilling the human figure into faceless archetypal characters, Lamb creates a fictive landscape where he examines the role of humanism within adaptation and survival in an ever shifting, modern world. Each painting invites the viewer to enter Lamb’s idyllic, yet foreboding scenes and to cast themselves as characters within.

The artists writes of the new work, “The narratives on display sit at a tangential point between theories concerning evolution and the lived human experiences that poignantly follow suit. The situations presented deal with competition, adaptation, inheritance, and abundance, all Darwinian staples. However, underneath the

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Making of a Mug | Cindi Daniele | Episode 816


Cindi Daniele | Episode 816

Cindi Danieli a mom, she has 4 amazing kids and a sweet puppy. Cindi lived in Philadelphia until she moved to Florida 8 years ago. Cindi had always wanted to try the pottery wheel, and about 3 years ago from the time of this episodes release she decided to take a class. Cindi was hooked immediately, fell in love with everything about it. She hopes to be able to do it full time someday.


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You make two shapes really consistently. How did you land on the shapes that you make?

I do so the one with like the belly-type shape, I just kind of, I’m going to be honest it was just kind

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Finnish customs impound art works worth 42 million euros on way back to Russia


HELSINKI (Reuters) – Finnish customs said on Wednesday they had stopped works of art worth around 42 million euros ($46 million) from being returned to Russia last weekend due to European Union sanctions, and would consult with Brussels on their status as luxury goods.

Customs seized three haulages of paintings, statues and antiquities on their way back to Russia via Finland from Italy and Japan, where they were temporarily on loan from Russian museums and art galleries, said Sami Rakshit, director of the Finnish customs enforcement department.

Rakshit said pieces of art are considered luxury items that fall under the EU’s sanctions against Russia, imposed for its invasion of Ukraine. Russia calls it “a special operation” to demilitarize and “denazify” its neighbour.

The confiscated items remain Russian property and would be stored under the supervision of the Finnish Heritage Agency, the customs said.

Russian news agency Moskva quoted the

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