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Adorn your Feelings

Surrealist Play Workshop — Portland Museum of Art

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Surrealist Video games to Test at Household

Beautiful Corpse Two Ways 

2 or a lot more gamers 

  1. Fold a paper three periods. The to start with individual attracts a head on the prime part of the paper. Lengthen limited traces from your drawing to the middle area of the paper so the up coming man or woman is aware of where to commence. The subsequent human being will draw the middle portion of a determine, extending the strains into the bottom section. The future participant will attract the bottom aspect of a determine. 

3 or a lot more gamers 

  1. Fold a paper into 6 sections. The first man or woman will write a sentence. The following human being will draw what they browse. Fold the paper so you only see the drawing. The upcoming person will publish a sentence inspired by the image. Fold the paper so that the up coming man or woman only sees the sentence. Repeat.  


Torn Paper Collage Method employed by Hans Arp  

1 player 

Tear up a piece of paper into random designs. 

Fall the items of paper onto a different piece of paper.  

Glue them down.  

You can go on to work on the collage with a pencil or paintbrush.  


Automatic Writing  

1 participant 

Set yourself in an open up state of intellect.  

Commence Creating.  

Continue composing.  

Do not consider.  

Compose quick. As speedy as you can.  

If the circulation stops, select a random letter like “T.”  

Start off the subsequent sentence with a “T.” 

Keep going.  


Oral Description of Objects Perceived by Contact

3 or a lot more gamers 

The player closes their eyes or is blindfolded. Contact an common object and explain it. The description is recorded by a 2nd player. The 3rd participant will have to attract the object based on the description. Assess the object to the drawing.  


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