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Spring Artist Newsletter – Strathmore Artist Papers

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Spirit Of The Sunflower
By Carolyn Gavin

In the Spring Edition of the Artist Newsletter, follow along as Carolyn tackles painting a sunflower, a subject she loves because they represent warmth, beauty, strength, and resilience but formerly found too difficult to paint. See her step-by-step process and learn how she got past her creative road block to create a beautiful piece.

See the tutorial and read the article in the Spring Artist Newsletter.

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2022 Online Workshops – Workshop 2 Begins May 2
Joyful Watercolor with Shayda Campbell begins May 2nd. Shayda will show you how to fill the pages of your Strathmore Watercolor journal with a variety of practice illustrations, floral compositions, watercolor techniques, and finished pieces. Learn more about this workshop and the entire lineup for 2022 in the Artist Newsletter.

New Artist Spotlight – Lena Noble
Lena is a self-taught artist who creates pet portraits that not only capture the likeness of her animal subjects but also their spirit. See the artwork and read more in the Artist Newsletter.

3 Common Habits That Could Be Damaging Your Brushes
Learn the common bad habits that may shorten the lifespan of your paint brushes and how to avoid them from Princeton Brush Company in the Artist Newsletter.


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