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Search on for stolen Fence Art Project mural

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – A local artist needs your help after she says someone stole a mural she made to help beautify the Starland neighborhood.

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It was a part of a series of murals with the Fence Art Project and was put on display over construction fencing. Fence Art Project artist and Savannah College of Art and Design graduate NaeKeisha Jones says she was proud to have her work on display to help bring some color to the Starland neighborhood.

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“The most things that we planned for were like weather, getting molded, putting a protective coat on it or even if someone to defaced it, being prepared for those type of things,” Jones said.

But one thing she didn’t plan for, was it being stolen.

“It was tied down pretty securely all the way around,” Jones said. “They had to pull it to get this off.”

Her mural. “Hello Neighbor”, had been tied against The Matador construction fencing on Bull Street since last December. Jones says she worked for weeks throughout the day and night making it.

“I was just proud to have something that represented me but also represents my style of artwork, and even just like the growth that I’ve done over the course of the year,” Jones said.

It was reported stolen Thursday and was the only mural missing. According to Savannah Police, it’s valued at $1,000.

Fence Art Project Manager Clinton Edminster says after checking with the construction company and neighboring businesses, he learned no one had moved or seen Jones’ mural.

“We looked around for different security measures or surveillance and I reached out to Alaina Ford who runs the Safe City Savannah Project and who has surveillance cameras in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any cameras pointing in that direction, but moving forward they are going to move some cameras so that they’ll be keeping an eye on the murals until the project is finished,” Edminster said.

Jones says a setback like this is discouraging but it’s not going to stop her from doing what she loves.

“Whoever the person is they didn’t give me that talent. I don’t know them. It’s like they’re not taking away from my drive to keep making things. It just makes me a little more cautious I guess the next time I decide to do one,” Jones said.

Jones and Edminster say the outpouring of support behind finding the mural has been outstanding.

If you happen to see the mural or have any information about it, you can call Savannah Police at 912-652-6500 or Starlandia Art Supply at 912-417-4561.

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