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Sarah Ortmeyer “Sports Club New York” at Galerie Eva Presenhuber, New York

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Sarah Ortmeyer’s exercise engages with the planet of chance, recurrently touching the concept of chess in conversation with notions of adore. The artist’s comprehensive oeuvre is emblematic of equally a daring temperament and a subtle strategy. Her do the job spans from sculpture to portray to publishing, offering wild compositions that convey a romanticism of emotions, underlined with an uncommon comprehending of the human problem. Intriguingly, Ortmeyer is an artist who works across generations and is commonly shown in exhibitions along with modern day artists these as Guy Ray or Kandinsky—while using a hugely modern strategy. “Sports Club New York” is her 75th exhibition. A display embracing delicacy nevertheless complete of flames and disobedience by currently being unapologetically antithetic. This antithesis is introduced by intrinsic mother nature, unexpected appreciate encounters, and the vulnerability of shells and sportsmen.
The exhibition captures the essence of her observe with the bodies of function: Grandmaster Series (Chess), Monster Collection (Eggs), Emoji Shadow Collection (Shadows), Diabolus Collectio (Devils), Canus Collectio (Grey), Silver Collectio (Silver), and Collectio Collectio (Portraits).
”Sports Club New York“ is a phase in direction of innocence and a tale of bigger, darker tales. The simplicity of components in the present gets to be a energy though the functions stay open up and uncooked. The exhibition—mainly in silver, black, and white—bleeds out hues in the shades of the sky (Grandmaster paintings).
Just about every single piece in the demonstrate is unique.
A punk disorder, hidden driving the neat uneven disposition within each home: Ortmeyer navigates them with simplicity via repetition and distinctiveness only to stop in flexibility.

at Galerie Eva Presenhuber, New York
until July 29, 2022


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