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Robbie Williams planning art gallery come nightclub

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Robbie Williams holding a sign posing for the camera

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Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams is planning to open an art gallery that turns to a nightclub.

The ‘Let Me Entertain You’ hitmaker has revealed his plans to open up an art gallery, where he will display some of his work, which will then transform into a club at night.

Speaking on an Instagram Live with his fans, he shared: “It’s going to be the opposite of Studio 54, which was exclusive and pretentious … Ithink what will happen is people will take the worst ones and go, ‘He’s trying to sell these.’ But f*** them. I’m really magnificently excited about it.”

During the livestream, Robbie showed off some of the small pieces of artwork, which were made from blocks of colour and had some of his most famous lyrics etched on them with a typewriter.

Meanwhile, Robbie previously admitted his wife Ayda Field “gave him a life”.

Speaking about his wife, he said: “I look back at 15 years of being with my wife, she did, she gave me a life. Here I am on the telly getting emotional. She absolutely did.”

Robbie spent most of last year as a “stay at home father” to his children amid the coronavirus pandemic and he admitted it has been a “beautiful” experience being around his kids for so much time.

Speaking about quarantining with his family, he added: “I had my hands full [in lockdown] but it’s been incredible as they now think I’m a stay at home father. They get all of me, all the time. This is the first time I’ve been out of the house for eight or nine months. Covid has been awful, but for being a dad and having structure and being with them every day it’s been beautiful.”

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