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PUSS! brings incomprehensible madness to Switch this month

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Developer teamCOIL and publisher Samustai are releasing PUSS! for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on Feb. 19, 2021, following a PC release back in 2018. The game is self-described as an intense “avoid ’em up” with bullet hell elements, and on consoles, it will contain “150 levels, optimized controls, 95 player avatars, achievements, and online leaderboards.” However, the sequence that the levels appear in is random to enhance spontaneity.

But what is teamCOIL’s PUSS!, really? Well, according to the trailer — it’s incomprehensible insanity of the highest order and I have absolutely no idea what’s going on. The game draws from various modern art styles, including glitch art, surrealism, psychedelic art, web punk, vaporwave, and naive art. (I had to go to Wikipedia to see what “naive art” is.) Amid all the bombastic imagery (and… Jesus?), you have to really squint to spot the “avoid ’em up” elements. The name of the game is survival, survival against… something.

On Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, PUSS! is available to preorder with a 20% discount on top of its base $11.99 price, making it currently $9.59. No matter how it actually plays, the game is likely to be a memorable experience. It has a “Very Positive” Steam reception, at the least.

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