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Punisher Proves His New Weapons Only Make Him Deadlier in Photo-Real Art

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An all-new variant cover for the upcoming Punisher #1 has been released and it proves that the Punisher’s new weapons have only made him deadlier

While the Punisher has long been established as one of the most brutal killers in Marvel Comics, a new photo-real piece of cover art shows that he just became even deadlier. The Punisher is on the precipice of getting a significant overhaul in Marvel canon as it was recently revealed that Frank Castle is joining the ranks of the villainous ninja clan the Hand. With an updated logo and weaponry upon his introduction into the world of ninja warriors, the Punisher has traded his guns for swords which, as shown on this new variant cover, only makes him deadlier. 

The upcoming Punisher #1 will be helmed by writer Jason Aaron with artwork by Jesus Saiz and Paul Azaceta. The storyline will follow Frank Castle as he becomes the new War Lord for the Hand due to mysterious events from his past that drives him to take on this sinister new role. Marvel Comics teases that the Punisher’s latest storyline will redefine the character forever, with the most obvious changes being his iconic skull logo being changed to that of a demon with his choice of weapon changing to a more classically brutal one as well. 


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In a Tweet by the Canadian comic book dealer NerdPharmaceuticals, the account posted a Punisher #1 variant cover by artist Bjorn Barends. The cover depicts Frank Castle sporting his new logo and weapons standing in a hallway surrounded by dead bodies. The Punisher’s powerful stance in the image indicates that he is the reason behind the carnage surrounding him, proving that his new weapons have only made him deadlier. While the scene depicted in the image is undoubtedly brutal, it is the style in which it is drawn that is the most striking. 

The artist behind this image, Bjorn Barends, is known for their hyper-realistic take on comic book characters. While the Punisher is one of their latest subjects, Frank Castle is far from their first Marvel character depicted in their uniquely breathtaking style. Barends previously created a truly astounding piece of artwork depicting the Hulk fighting Wolverine, a battle that looks as though it is happening in the real world because of their photo-real art style. 

Since the announcement of the Punisher’s new role in Marvel Comics, fans have been skeptical about Frank Castle’s potentially altered personality and character design. However, with this truly awesome piece of artwork, fans can rest assured that the brutally bloodthirsty nature of the Punisher will remain intact, and if anything, these changes to the iconic Marvel killer have only made him deadlier.

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Source: NerdPharmaceuticals


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