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Portland Museum of Art to display works by 4 Lewiston-Auburn students

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Four students from Lewiston and Auburn schools will have their work showcased during Portland Museum of Art’s annual exhibition for young Mainers.

“I was pretty excited,” Sam Hart said about having her oil painting “After Death” selected for the Youth Art Month exhibit that begins Saturday. “I was pretty proud of that piece,” the Edward Little High School senior said.

“After Death” features a skull, cracked open and filled with yellow flowers.

“I like to think that there is beauty in everything. Like death and skulls,” Hart said.

“It’s pretty neat,” Sara Murray said about her painting “He Is” being selected.

“For the first four years of creating art, I was not very vocal about it,” the Lewiston High School senior said. “I am very appreciative of Ms. Pitula for putting my work out into the world.”

Kyna Pitula is the art teacher who submitted “He Is,” Murray’s  portrait of her close friend.

During a conversation about gender politics between Murray and her friend, Murray asked how he would want to be identified.

“We thought that we would leave it up to others. Up to those that saw it (painting),” Murray said.

“It’s an open-ended question,” Murray said about “He Is.”

“I like creating stuff. It’s fun,” said Lyla Newson, a fifth-grader at Walton Elementary School in Auburn.

Newson’s ink print was inspired by one of her favorite artists, Sabra Field.

“I tried to make it cozy colors,” said Walton’s student of the month for February.

“Lyla is a very sweet kid,” Walton Principal Mike Davis said. “Always doing what she needs to be doing.”

Washburn Elementary fourth-grader Cristiana Laws will also have a piece in the exhibit. Her illustration “Personal Dr. Syn” was created using colored pencils.

Hart said she picked up on art as a fifth-grader at Sherwood Heights Elementary School.

“You can’t really mess it up,” Hart said about art. “It’s really forgiving.”

Hart’s art teacher said it is rare to have a student quite like Hart.

“Sam came with a passion and raw talent,” said Matthew Peinado. “All she needed was a little push and she was off and running.”

“Sam found boundaries very fast. Once she found them, she asked me how to go beyond them. Once she found how to go beyond, she was off and running again,” Peinado said.

Hart is hoping to study at the Art Institute of Chicago after graduation.

“I want to go to art college,” said Murray, who has been accepted to three art schools while waiting for two more acceptance letters.

Newson will be going into the sixth grade.

One thing is uncertain. Will Hart, Newson and Murray go to the Youth Art Month Digital Reception Saturday at 4:30?

“I’m not sure that I can go,” said Hart, who will be working at Heathco’s Pizza & Variety Saturday afternoon.

“Probably,” Newson said. “If I get the password.”

“I’m going to try,” Murray said. “I love seeing artwork from other people in Maine.”

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