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Playing in the Mud

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Stepping into the Arena

A good friend who took my workshop numerous a long time ago, posted right now that she hadn&#8217t painted because, and required to. I remember how significantly she savored herself and the great outcomes she bought employing my portray system. So I posted a reply, hoping to stimulate her to choose a action back into the arena:

Yep, its time to paint again, just to feel the paint go at the close of your brush. Wallow in the vibrant mud, without expectation or intention. Then, as soon as you recognize how meaningless it can be, begin to revel in the shapes and colors you can generate. Nevertheless, make no requires on the results. In time, experiment with getting forms among the the designs and colors and get started to use the values of the colors to develop variety. Take away the pressure that it has to be some thing. From time to time paint is just paint. And painting is just enjoyment.

The PSOAE 2022

If you would like to obtain your way back into the arena of drawing and painting, you could possibly want to get a duplicate of my e-book, The Ability of Favourable Painting, which provides a framework and way so you can do so with intention, a person little phase at a time. The principal issue I want to make is that you just do it. There is no strain to do it well. Just get into the arena and paint, with no purpose other than to be smearing coloured mud onto a hapless canvas. Just make a mess. Participate in in the mud.

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