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Paint Your Own Watercolour Nest Egg

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Eggs are miracles of engineering – potent sufficient to endure the grownup fowl sitting down on them, nonetheless weak adequate for the very small chick to make its escape. They supply the budding artist with a wealth of designs, textures and colors to study. In this tutorial I will present you how to paint eggs in watercolour, I hope you share your completed parts underneath in the opinions!


A photo of some shop bought quail eggs

Chook eggs provide a great inspiration and lesson to the watercolourist, with their beautiful styles and camouflage:

  • How to combine interesting muted colours
  • How to paint a smooth changeover from dark to light-weight
  • How to lift out a delicate emphasize
  • How to obtain speckles and designs

You ought to by no means disturb a bird’s nest, so in which will you get a beautiful egg to research? Phase ahead the quail. Its small eggs, each individual with gorgeous markings, are normally out there in supermarkets. So grab a boxful and surprise at their beauty…

Color Mixing

Colour mixing image

Did you know that birds see otherwise, so to them eggs show up brightly coloured? Nevertheless to mammalian eyes, eggs are often muted so we have to have to combine colours which are even now intriguing with no getting extremely bold.

Fairly than achieving for a completely ready mixed colour, check out mixing complementary colours (those discovered reverse just about every other on the colour wheel). You will locate that in the suitable proportions the pairings of purple and yellow, green and pink or blue and orange, will make refined and attractive shades of grey and brown. Have a go at mixing pairs to come across which mixtures give attractive success.

Supplies wanted

The sketch

Image of sketch drawing out the proportions of the egg

Though you can discover egg templates on the world wide web, they are quick to draw. Very first examine the width to length. I located the quail eggs had been around 1 and a 50 percent the width long. Now use a thing round to attract a circle. Mark in the centre line and on that line mark the length of the egg with a small horizontal line. Draw an arc from the stop of the brief line to the widest level of the circle. Transform the paper round and draw a matching arc the other side. Regulate if they are a tiny wonky, rub out the building lines and you now have your egg.

Painting the eggshell

Image of eggshells painted

Eggs are wonderfully sleek, so we require to make certain our washes are not blotchy. There are two methods of achieving this. Initially combine up your picked out mixture of complementary colors.

If you are a rapid employee with a constant hand, basically outline the egg shape in paint and then with a thoroughly clean, soaked brush mix into the middle. Notice the place the highlight is and both mix to clear drinking water or use a thirsty brush (a clear moist brush) to pull off some moist color to develop the gentle highlight.

If you work much more slowly and gradually or matters dry much too quickly, you can pre wet the whole egg with clean up water and then contact in colour all-around the edges. It will normally mix by means of the water and you can carefully even points out with your brush.

If your eggshell is not dark plenty of allow it dry and layer.

Making the speckles

Strategy 1 – Paint moist on dry

Image of wet on dry technique

Notice the marking and paint them with a darker combine. Don’t forget they will be lighter exactly where the spotlight is, so paint them in, permit dry a tiny and then carry a little with a piece of kitchen towel. Change the dimensions and condition as very little is totally common in mother nature!

System 2 – Spatter wet on dry

Image of splatter wet on dry technique

To stay clear of spattering the qualifications, lower an egg form out of a piece of paper and use it to mask your function. Load your brush and carefully tap it on your finger to release smaller drops of paint. You can layer different colors. Enable them dry in between except if you want them to combine.

Approach 3 – Color sanding

Image of colour sanding technique

Dampen your egg with cleanse drinking water and then acquire a watercolour pencil and sandpaper (or a nail file). Gently sand the suggestion of the pencil to release a fantastic dust. This will stick to the moist paper. Any extra can be blown absent. If your paper is wet somewhat than damp, the pencil will begin to dissolve offering much larger softer marks. Really don’t go back over with a moist brush as this will dissolve the speckles.

Approach 4 – Brusho

Image of brusho technique

Brusho is crystal ink. It is quite powerful and a minimal goes a lengthy, very long way. By placing a drawing pin by means of the lid you can generate a little sprinkling hole and can seal it later. Some (not all) colors are a mix. Black is one of these, so when sprinkled on to damp paper you will see specks of blue, Sienna, brown etc. After once again dampen your egg form, let the drinking water sink in and then sprinkle in some Brusho and enjoy the magic come about. Blow absent the excess.

Approach 5 – Splatter wet on moist

Image of splatter wet on wet technique

Dampen your egg and then mask as in advance of. This time spatter into the damp and you will get tender edged marks. You could use a couple colours to construct interest.

Having things more

Image of the finished painting
  1. Merge methods – Try out combining the tactics in a single egg – maybe start with delicate damp in damp, dry then paint damp on dry, in advance of ending with a fine colour sanding….
  2. Increase in a shadow – mix up a blue grey (by including a tiny orange/brown to your blue). Damp the shadow area and drop the colour in. Use a thirsty brush to reach a delicate edge.
  3. Insert textual content – how about creating your portray glance like a museum selection? You could write immediately on the painting, use printing blocks or collage.
  4. Varnish – you could use acrylic varnish to make your eggs shiny in distinction to the matte of the encompass. Both equally Brusho and watercolour pencils will will need repairing just before brushing on varnish.
  5. Differ your eggs and make designs – recreate a organic record museum exhibit by different the egg size, colour and markings. A comprehensive move by stage of this is in Chapter 8 of Liz’s new ebook (see underneath).

About Liz Chaderton

Image of Liz Chaderton with Gertie the goose

Liz Chaderton, pictured right here with Gertie the goose, is a skilled artist centered in Berkshire. Her fourth ebook ‘Painting Birds in Watercolour’ is printed by The Crowood Push on 25 July 2022 at £12.99 (ISBN: 9780719840814). A lot more of her do the job can be viewed at www.lizchaderton.co.united kingdom


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