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On the spot: Mr.Werewolf | Displate Blog

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If artwork is an escape from truth, Mr.Werewolf’s paintings are the gateway. Move into his imaginative worlds, and you’ll discover menacing mechs roaming close to the idyllic countryside, blood-hungry werewolves prowling the winter season nights, and reimagined folk tales, as captivating as they are eerie.

In this week’s On The Location, we emerge into the mysterious with Mr.Werewolf himself as our guidebook. 

Have you regarded given that an early age that you want to turn into an artist?

I was born in western Poland and grew up in rural areas, in a modest village surrounded by forests and lakes. At any time given that I try to remember, I’ve liked to attract and paint and addressed it as my escape from dealing with actuality. The similar goes to fantasy and science fiction which have usually been my passions. That is why to me it felt only all-natural to choose artistic experiments.

But even though I have a fantastic art history and schooling, I’d continue to contact myself a self-taught artist. It’s the books I examine, films I look at, and previous masters’ paintings I analyze that assist me shape my inventive eyesight. This is a approach that requires a lifetime and I could not definitely pinpoint a person certain instant in my lifetime that has impacted me the most. 

What did your job path glimpse like?

I begun out as a graphic designer in advertising businesses and later on on switched to freelance perform, developing jewellery and watches. Back when I began my experienced vocation, the earth seemed totally unique, primarily the gaming industry.

I expended numerous many years operating in the direction of achieving artistic independence. It was not an straightforward path, but I finally managed to attain that issue in 2014. Given that then, I’ve been ready to target exclusively on my own projects, absolutely immersing myself in the worlds I produced. 

1920 – Sheperd
1920 – Hussar

The place do you reside and what does your studio glance like?

I stay in Poland, in the Western Carpathians, superior in the mountains, surrounded by forests and wild character. This put is pretty inspiring for me and has a huge affect on my operate.

As for my studio, it’s a rather normal artwork studio. I have two easels, but I confess that I have not applied them for a extended time. These times I mainly do digital painting on my tablet, just mainly because it gives me far more artistic freedom and far more room for improvisation and experiments. To me, this feels substantially much more stress-free than standard portray, in which you have to prepare the entire composition actually cautiously and never have significantly room for alterations throughout the procedure. 

Your artistic nickname is Mr. Werewolf. Why just did you decide on this mythical creature?

Effectively, it is for the reason that I’m impacted by the curse of lycanthropy! Werewolves have generally been my beloved creatures. They are the epitome of wilderness, this brute toughness that is the original force of mother nature. I see werewolves not as evil monsters but as legendary guardians of the accurate primal order. They exist somewhere among the two worlds of individuals and animals, and I come across it deeply intriguing and inspiring.

As an independent artist, what does your typical day glimpse like?

It relies upon on irrespective of whether I’m working on anything or not. I expend most of my times portray and have minimal time for other routines. I really don’t even bear in mind what my PS5 appears like anymore – and I’m a difficult-main gamer! When it arrives to the inventive procedure, for me the most important part is making stories and picturing visuals and compositions in my head. Once that’s completed, the painting alone is just a formality.

A single of the factors that inspire you are myths. Do you have a favorite a person?

Certainly, I really like myths. I grew up on Greek mythology and utilised to know it just about by heart. It stimulated my creativity a ton, especially the fantasy of the Minotaur. But my favourite mythology by significantly is of study course the Norse mythology. It is an unlimited resource of inspiration.

You’re an illustrator and a storyteller. What’s the story powering your favored artwork by Mr.Werewolf?

I do not really have my most loved piece, but I do feel a sturdy sentiment about many of them. Some hold a incredibly personal that means to me, specially these picturing my beloved spouse. She’s my irreplaceable muse and a resource of inspiration. 

Several of my functions are motivated by everyday lifetime and the cases I have witnessed. Just take the paintings with cats, for case in point. Cats are really magic animals for me and inspire me a good deal. Just like werewolves, they live in between two worlds, the civilized one the a single that’s primal and wild. I frequently consider what adventures our cats have during their journeys, what magical creatures they fulfill. They see so significantly much more than us.

If you could choose just one excellent place to are living in, what would it be?

Oh, that’s a very excellent and challenging issue. Probably Center-earth. As a dwarf, haha!

Deep Blue
Ymaar – the ancient protector

Do you have any other hobbies apart from art?

Indeed, I like diving. Also, mountain hiking and participating in video clip online games.

What are your creative ideas for the upcoming?

I do not actually like to communicate about potential designs and goals, as I try out to concentrate on here-and-now, my latest tasks and do the job. Daily life and the planet we reside in are just much too unpredictable, especially these days. 

I can say that I’m lucky to have been doing the job only on projects that are my own and not anyone else’s. I’ve been incredibly passionate about movies from an early age and it’s my huge desire to one particular day make a movie established in the globe I made. So much, I have been available many fascinating propositions, so continue to keep your fingers crossed!

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