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New Pet Products are Coming Soon. Get Your Shop Ready for Launch!

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For the best results, we recommend designing specifically for these products. If you are going to enable existing designs, please take time to check they look great and you’re happy with the formatting. Quality is better than quantity. Check your designs cover the full print area and key areas of your design are not cut off. Well-formatted products are more likely to sell, customers will have more confidence in the quality of your products, and they are more likely to return to your shop.

Tips for Pet Bandanas

The print area for Bandanas is quite large but they are designed to be folded, so the top area of the design will not be seen. The main focus is on the area at the bottom of the triangle. We recommend aligning your designs to the bottom of the focus area. The scale of your design is important, especially if you’re designing patterns. We recommend scaling down the design so you see more detail in the focus area.

Tips for Pet Mats

The Pet Mats come in two different shapes. If you keep the main focus of your design within the safe zone your product should look great.

Tips for Pet Blankets

Pet blankets come in two different sizes.  The large size is taller and the medium size is wider so design placement will be slightly different. We recommend optimizing your design for the medium size. We predict this product will be popular with owners of smaller dog breeds, and the lower price point should mean more sales for the medium size.


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