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My Surprising Journey to Abstract Art — Caryl Fine Art

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I wasn’t always an abstract painter. For most of my life, I painted representational works (a realistic representation of subjects from the world). However, I caught the abstract painting bug and haven’t looked back since. You can read the long version of my journey here, but for now I’d like to talk about how I came to be an abstract (versus a representational) painter.

What is abstract painting? 

A good definition for abstract painting is that it’s a departure from reality regarding the way imagery is depicted. There’s a continuum of abstraction: For example, a flower could be painted in an impressionistic style (slightly abstracted) or in a very abstract style where the viewer may not be aware that a flower is the subject. In fact, some abstract art has no subject in the real world—the artist is purely exploring color or ideas from their mind. 

Some people think that abstract art is easier than representational/realistic art. My guess is that those who believe that have never faced the challenge of turning a blank canvas into an exciting abstract work of art. While anyone can learn to do it, it’s generally not something we’re able to figure completely out without some guidance. And I love teaching people how to express themselves through abstract painting! There’s nothing better than seeing the “light bulb moments” the painters that I teach in my online courses, my membership (The Painterly Way), and in my art coaching sessions.

My Transition from Realism to Abstract Art

My journey into abstract art started after years of painting in oils in a relatively realistic manner. I was looking to add something new and exciting to my art practice, so I started taking online courses and live workshops to explore a whole new world of abstract painting using acrylic paints as my primary medium. 

I got hooked! I went fully into abstract acrylic painting, and to this day, I continue to experiment, learn more from fellow accomplished artists, and incorporate new exciting techniques into my painting practice. I love sharing my tips and process with other artists, whether they are new to abstract art or they have experience painting abstracts and need some added inspiration. I try to paint every day and I find the more often I paint, the more in tune or “in the flow” I am with my work. 

How Has Your Style Evolved?

How about you? Where are you in your abstract artist journey? Are you itching to evolve into a new style of painting, or have you already made the leap? I’d love it if you’d share the story of your journey to abstract art in the comments!


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