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Multiple Price Points for Your Art

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Primary art is, most of the time, necessarily, highly-priced.


And that is Ok. You have to charge what you require to demand to be rewarding. But in this age of online marketing, it will considerably increase your marketing and sales efforts if you present functions at various price points. You really should attempt to have a little something to sell in 3 principal classes: reasonably priced, mid-selection, and expensive.


This could possibly glimpse like the subsequent:


$100 – $500: little industry research, sketches and demos


$500- $2,000: modest to medium studio items


$2,000 – $5,000 medium to significant masterpieces



Or probably you can not find the money for to go that minimal with your compact originals. You could do one thing much more like the following:


$100 – $500: Print on Demand offerings*


$500 – $2,000 Confined edition prints and compact sketches


$2,000 Originals


As you develop into far better acknowledged, and your artwork gets much more sought soon after, you can adjust the price tag factors and even add bigger rate details.


Owning various selling price points is essential for you to improve your revenue, realize sovereignty as an artist and, importantly, to have an entry issue for people today to get started off with your work. You can adjust the strategy to your have exclusive condition but feel issues by means of so that you can offer you one thing at each price tag position.


The most crucial price tag place is the affordable one particular ($100-$500 range in our instance).


This is the selling price level with the minimum resistance. It serves as an entry point for new collectors and it serves as impulse buys for previous collectors. You can provide $100-$500 items off social media relatively effortlessly. You may normally have people DM you and order correct from your social media post. Deliver them a payment hyperlink and your sale is completed. (Be aware – social media platforms occasionally will not like it when you include price data in your captions and, if you do so, some platforms will lessen the arrive at of that post. A far better way to include things like price tag details with your submit is to post a movie of the art do the job the place you narrate a voice-around track that explains a bit about the piece and you can, in your audio, give the selling price and payment recommendations.)


If you acquire “1,000 accurate enthusiasts” (and you may have extra than 1,000 followers on social media if you adhere to the ideas in The Sovereign Artist), you could easily offer 10 items a month in this most affordable price variety. That by yourself would be $1,000 – $5,000 a thirty day period.


This many rate place approach is one explanation, in the Sovereign Artist Period, you are much better positioned than an art gallery to develop a collector base and offer much more of your art work. Galleries are not normally interested in the artwork is effective that fall in the cheap price point. They aren’t likely to commit time marketing your open up version prints or little sketches. They are not able to afford to.


But collectors appreciate those low-cost items. Fast instance: I commissioned a portrait of my spouse a number of several years in the past, and, as component of the approach, the artist did 4 compact sketches of her in diverse poses to help us visualize the distinctive instructions he could go with the closing portrait. And while I really like the concluded portray, in many techniques, I love the smaller sketches even additional. They hang subsequent to my desk and I enjoy them each individual working day.


This method of “luring” fans in with smaller, affordable items and then, around time, helping them “graduate” to your additional costly works, is the greatest tactic to make your collector checklist. And, ironically, it truly is not the system art galleries use! And that’s why, if you abide by this process, you can sell extra artwork than any gallery is possible to at any time provide for you.



Until following time, make sure you keep in mind that Fortune Favors the Bold Brush.



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