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Missionary Training Center – MTC Mormon Art and LDS Artwork

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The MTC stands for the Missionary Training Center. The missionary training center is the central hub for missionary work in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The largest MTC is located in Provo Utah on the east side of BYU campus. Few members of the church actually get a peak inside the MTC as it is closed to the general public. Missionaries from all over the world come to learn more about the doctrines and teachings of the church and learn language skills prior to going out to their assigned area.

Artwork has always played an important part in the MTC as missionaries line their walls with pictures and other art to remind them of why they are there. Before there was an MTC their was a mission home and a language training center. Missionaries used to take ceiling tiles from above their bunks and would draw pictures, cartoon, write poetry and other types of drawing to express their feelings for being there. When they tore down the buildings, former missionaries wanted to try to find the tiles they had scribbled on years earlier.

Missionaries try to post art that will bring the spirit of reverence. The most popular of course is the Del Parson painting, which is the most widely accepted painting of Christ in the Mormon faith. Paintings of Joseph Smith are very popular. Scenes from the Book of Mormon and other LDS prints are also used quite a bit.

It is interesting to note that while many things in the MTC are restricted, such as music, study time, and your schedule, they really don’t place too much restriction on what you are allowed to have on the walls of your MTC dorm room. However, if something was terribly inappropriate the branch president over the missionary group would let you know if something needed to come off the walls. Most of the artwork that missionaries have they buy from the bookstore at the MTC.

Whether brought with a missionary, purchased or received while on their mission, or created by a missionary, artwork plays an important role in a missionary’s experience at the MTC. It helps maintain focus, feel the spirit, and express a growing testimony.

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