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Mental Road Blocks | Mike Cerv | Episode 849

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Mike Cerv | Episode 849

Mike Cerv is a ceramic artist from Kansas who enjoys checking out procedures and glaze chemistry. Mike received his BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute and his MFA from Louisiana State University. Now Mike is back in Kansas as a teaching resident at The University of Kansas.


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Why do you imagine we create the psychological roadblocks that hold us from shifting forward?

I definitely think it will come down to anxiety, at least which is what it is for me. Anxiety for one point or one more. Anxiety of being ashamed, panic of shedding revenue, panic of all sorts of issues. So I consider which is what it was for me.

What was the critical factor for obtaining over the roadblock?

Effectively I think the support that I bought from my companion Griffin was actually just insurmountable, you know, and by that I necessarily mean that I could have run as quickly as I could and I would have continue to felt like she would be there to help me make this business.

Did you and Griffin publish out a business plan or a pathway for yourselves?

No, probably we should. (laughter) No we hadn’t even fashioned an LLC or gotten a business account when we had our to start with sale. We have just been jumping in the deep close, mastering as we go.

When did you know it was time to pull the trigger and spend the money?

I assume it was just viewing plenty of curiosity on Instagram for me. You know, like, having ample persons inquire , Are you heading to market this? It definitely set the concept in your brain. Like you explained, it’s only 5 hundred pounds. It is not that a great deal.

Once you purchased the laser cutter and then you did a very little little bit of advertising and then you experienced a initially sale. What did that experience like?

Oh person, that was a roller coastline of emotions. It was at it’s base the actual. I had no notion so lots of people would essentially want the points that I was advertising. Griffin and I had been sitting down by the notebook looking at the profits occur in and it just held occurring. So we have been just sitting down there screaming at the display screen.

Can you give me a limited record of factors that you experienced to devote cash on that you weren’t anticipating just before you ever produced a sale?

Oh guy, in advance of I created a sale. There is a lot of items and they just retain coming in. Minor points like all the packing supplies I really feel are very easily neglected. We expended more than two hundred dollars just on boxes. Rolls and rolls of tar paper. So numerous rolls. We have long gone by means of hundreds of feet of tar paper. Let’s see what else, binder clips, thank you notes, all the minor points.


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