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MAKING A MARK: Who painted this? #63

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This marks the return of “Who painted this?” after a VERY long break.

The original series of posts ran from October 2012 until May 2014. I last
did a post in this very popular and very educational series (for both you and me) back in 2014 after lengthy breaks while
I wrote my book. 

It struck me that a Sunday would be a good
day for a post like this.
Lots of time to hunt through online images and
through books. So in future there will be a weekly post every Sunday. 

Below is the image and the RULES.

The twist this time is some of the images may come from my own photos of artworks I’ve seen in person…..

Who painted this? #63 

How to participate in “Who painted this? #63

This is about using brains not technology – so please do NOT

Don’t forget – there are rules to how “Who painted this?” works – and these
are detailed in
THE RULES for participating in this challenge.

Briefly, in your comment ON THIS POST you must tell me ALL of the

  • the title of the artwork
  • the name of the artist who created this artwork
  • the date it was created
  • the media used
  • where it lives now
  • how you know all this eg how did you do your search
  • anything else you can find out about the artwork and/or artist

The Winner is the first identifiable person (i.e. no anonymous guesses) who,
in my judgement, is the first person to get to the answer by fair means AND
provides the best quality answer in terms of added details about the artwork
and artist

Remember also

  • no use of Google image search or Tineye to find the image allowed – this
    is a traditional web search of images using words only plus “hit the
    books” time
  • I don’t publish the comments until next week’s post.

i.e. comments are being opened up again – but ONLY for this weekly post and
comments will only be published once a week – on Sunday.


Who Painted This? was a regular weekly challenge on Making A Mark,
usually posted on Friday.
This page contains:

  • the rules for how to participate in “Who painted this?”
  • how to enter (via a comment on the blog post)
  • what happens to comments
  • a list of the Who painted this? in order so that you or you friends
    can participate in the challenge even after the result has been


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