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MAKING A MARK: Drawing and Sketching

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The “Every Day in May: drawing community still seems to be alive and drawing!

I was a bit puzzled this morning as to where they were but finally found them – after brief diversions down the “move yourself 5k every day under your own steam” and other variations

In the end I had to go back to the last time I posted about this initiative in Drawing and Sketching – Every Day in May

  • on Facebook ( a private group you need to join IF you are already on Facebook )
  • on Flickr – still (for those who won’t use Facebook – but you do need to be on Flickr and join the group to be able to post on Flickr)


  • you can just do the challenges on your own for yourself and then post then where ever you like as well or not.
  • for example: I often start it but rarely finish. I was reminded of it as a past sketch of mine came up on Facebook this morning. (see the end!)

Below are the 

  • instructions – of how it works
  • the challenges – of what to draw or sketch every day

Here are the Instructions

Join us in drawing every day in May. Start on May 1st and draw one item on the list every day in May until you finish on May 31st with number 31.

  • Don’t stress if you miss a day – just go on to the next one and catch up if you can.
  • It is OK to combine a few, or to jump around if it suits… but the ideal is to do the right one on the day like everyone else.
  • You can draw or paint however you want – from the original, from a photo, from your memory 
  • …and most importantly have fun!!

Here are the challenges

One for every day in May! 

Draw …

  1.  something hairy, furry or fuzzy
  2.  a blossom or a bouquet
  3.  a view in your fridge
  4.  a shower gel or a bath additive or “Star Wars Day – May the fourth be with you!”
  5.  fruit
  6.  a rope
  7.  your favorite animal
  8.  water – a source, a lake, a stream, a river …
  9.  jetsam
  10.  a ballpoint pen
  11.  a beetle
  12.  something wooden
  13.  a dolphin or whale
  14.  a lock
  15.  a thumb
  16.  a bridge
  17.  a car wheel
  18.  a traffic light
  19.  a vintage radio or telephone
  20.  a glass of water
  21.  a box of chocolates
  22.  coffee – plant, beans or a cup of it
  23.  a seashell or a snail shell
  24.  an empty can
  25.  a wristband or “Towel Day – a tribute to Douglas Adams” www.towelday.org
  26.  a pipe wrench
  27.  an open book
  28.  laundry hanging on a clothesline
  29.  wine bottles
  30.  game pieces
  31.  some folds or fabric

This was my very fast sketch of my favourite food seven years ago on 2nd May 2015 – which got posted on my personal FB account (not public) – together with what I wrote at the time

EDM Every Day in May #1: Favourite Food – the Breadless sandwich – crayfish, avocado and rocket.
Boy am I out of practice using watercolour! Use it or lose it! I’m going to use EDM as a way of getting back into watercolour…. (she says hopefully!)

Breadless sandwich – crayfish, avocado and rocket.


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