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Juxtapoz Magazine – Post-Graffiti Abstract Artists From Poland @ Mirus Gallery, Denver

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RETRANSMISSION__ is a group exhibition that functions a survey of article-graffiti abstract artists from Poland. This collective of artists have lived and worked amongst just about every other, individually and at times by means of collaboration for lots of yrs, creating a contemporary model exclusive to Poland. Mirus Gallery celebrates their type and its intercontinental affect on contemporary abstraction. 

RETRANSMISSION__ is at present 1 of the largest and most appealing shows of Polish non-figurative portray outside of the nation (Poland). What attracts unique notice is the large spectrum of artists invited to the exhibition, who in no way represent a airtight circle focused on the phenomenon of urban artwork or post-graffiti. This team is composed of painters, sketchers, muralists, graphic designers, sculptors, and typographers. Many thanks to this, RETRANSMISSION__ is not a straightforward show or an exhibition reduced to a presentation of is effective of art whose common denominator tends to be the street. It is an exhibition which constitutes a story about particular person designs, the processes of their formation, and sometimes even of lessening advanced, strongly contextualized forms to geometrical, typographical or compositional figures. The exhibition as a full, can also be witnessed as a sui generis generational manifesto of artists born in the 1980s artists introduced up in a nation presently cost-free from socialism, shaped by the same cultural codes that ended up efficiently exploited in the United States or Western Europe. Hence, what may well be even much more appealing to the viewer is perceiving RETRANSMISSION__ as a reinterpretation of the entire world frequent to all of us, but introduced from the distant point of view of Poland.
—Cezary Hunkiewicz, Brain Injury Gallery, Poland

Showcased Artists:
Bartłomiej Chwilczyński, Bartosz Janczak, Chazme, Lukasz Berger Cekas, Lukasz Habiera Nawer, Oskar Podolski, Pawel Ryzko, Bartek Świątecki (Pener), Robert Proch, Sainer

Opening Reception: Friday, June 3rd from 7-10pm. Four artists will be in attendance: Lukasz Habiera Nawer, Oskar Podolski, Lukasz Berger Cekas and Bartosz Janczak.


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