December 5, 2023


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Juxtapoz Magazine – NKSIN Keeps it “HUSHED” @ GR Gallery, NYC

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GR gallery is delighted to announce HUSHED, the initially U.S. solo exhibition and exclusive 4-day showing of the reducing edge Japanese artist NKSIN, that will present a entirely new system of works. The exhibit will unveil 8 huge format clean paintings on canvas executed with the artist signature approach. NKSIN masters the airbrush medium to build mainly black and white exceptional compositions, dominated by a one solid character stylistically motivated by 90’s American animation and Japanese subculture, providing a redacted interpretation on contemporary social troubles.

Opening reception: Thursday June 02 4:00pm – 8:00pm (Exhibition Dates: June 02 – June 05, 2022). 

Hushed” aims to showcase NKSIN most recent series in a important instant for his vocation and individual daily life: In March a sturdy earthquake struck Fukushima, the city where the artist was born and where he is presently living, consequently NKSIN misplaced all  the paintings that he was functioning on in his studio. Since then he has been functioning all-around the clock, improving his method and was capable to establish a new way of generating which permitted him to generate the operates for this exhibition. He is investigating at present society by way of a renewed position of view, his regarded irony bought surpassed by a much more experienced criticism that, merged with a sharp humor and using inspiration from his personal activities, is in a position to give delivery to this complex overall body of work.

As a final result of this rigorous expertise NKSIN people have now misplaced their mouth and their capacity to communicate and specific on their own in a typical way they have been ‘hushed’ by a society that that want to keep just about every individual below regulate. On the other side the strength of the characters gaze grew noticeably, together with their gestural capacity and the existence of external things as an attempt to locate a new interaction approach. Also stylistically the topics turned extra solemn and distinguished, the delicate and smooth airbrushed parts magically contrast with each other creating a far more sharp and somber approach, that is opening a new chapter in the artist imaginative course of action.


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