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Juxtapoz Magazine – Jeremy Fish is “Drawing Conclusions” in NYC

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Harman Tasks is happy to existing Drawing Conclusions, a solo exhibition by Jeremy Fish. Returning to his roots with an exhibition of totally black and white drawings, Fish draws from a wide range of inspirations.

“This is my preferred medium, and this will be my first display built up fully of these stark superior contrast drawings. I began the do the job in December 2021, and the themes selection from the subjects of like, betrayal, Zodiac indicators, palms and ft, hearts and skulls, lifeless rappers, and my beloved cat Mrs. Brown,” the artist elaborates.

The human coronary heart, cranium and photographs of Earth are found frequently in this human body of perform, bringing to intellect the cycle of delivery, reproduction, and death that defines lifetime. These ideas are at the extremely main of what it means to be alive and for that reason what it suggests to be human. Heartfelt Hat, pictured earlier mentioned, depicts a skull wearing a hat emblazoned with a human coronary heart. The coronary heart, pierced by an arrow, remembers the enjoy imparted by Eros of Greek mythology while also reminding us that adore and vulnerability can guide to suffering and death.

In each drawing, objects, animals and sites meld into just about every other producing something new but eerily acquainted. These symbolically charged visuals reflect the artist’s daily life, environment and pursuits. A great deal as each individual drawing has a composition of hybridized subjects, Fish performs with recurring imagery throughout the body of operate. The individual items, when considered collectively as a body of perform, display the greater photo of what it usually means to be Jeremy Fish.


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