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Instagram Tips for Artists only

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How to photograph art for Instagram


1. Choose your aspect Ratio

When you frame your shot, think about aspect ratio. You can take 1:1 or 4:5 (longer photos, 1080px by 1350px) depending on your art. If your artwork is even longer, it’s better because it occupies more areas of the screen. But, if your artwork is horizontal, don’t publish like that. Among other square photos, it looks like a banner. Make a passe-partout white space around it, and upload it as a square photo.

2. Show multiples

You can upload up to 10 photos in the same post. It allows you to show some details, such as close-ups of your painting, as one of these many photos. Yet, make sure your main image is the “passport photo” of your painting.

3. Use props

Use items to tell your story alongside your painting. It is ok to include some fine art supplies, plants, or anything. For example, you can use seashells to decorate a painting of the sea. Use color or light contrast for example, and make the image pop, and play with the composition. Don’t overdo it. If the props are too attention-seeking, it will distract your viewers’ attention.

4. Include yourself

After seeing your art, people would like to know you. Show yourself making art in the photo. You can be either in front, behind, next to it, holding it. Try to find a stylish way to present yourself. Imagine this is the “behind the scene” photo of your art creation. If you are a bit shy, put it as the second photo in a series of multiples. You will get used to showing yourself later!

5. Add a background texture

It’s ok to have textured background like wood, sand, concrete or fabric as long as it helps to reflect the work.

6. Use a Frame

Frames can make your work look more expensive. Include a frame especially if you give the option for the collectors to buy framed art. Also, it helps you to convert a horizontal image into a square one, in an elegant way. Make sure you take out the glasses

7. Use Grids

Use 9 photos to showcase a large canvas. Make sure your original photo is at least 3240 pixels on each side (3 x 1080). You can do it in Photoshop, also there are some Apps for mobile. Take care: Most of these apps come with a watermark.

8. Steal like an artist

Look at the top ones in your niche and see what they do.

9. Create your style

Research, experiment, and find your style. It can be a certain theme, look, or vibe. Once you find your visual identity, be consistent with it. Imagine your account is like an art collection, you are the artist and the curator of this collection. You want to show your progress but stay within the same line of work.

# Bonus tip

Send your work to an influencer (that you know) with a handwritten note. Or get a local influencer to stand in for a shoot so you can tag them and get their followers.



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