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Imaginative and stimulating art in “Planet Future” Exhibition

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The concept of the yearly artwork exhibition for sixth variety schools is “Planet Future”

This is the national artwork exhibition for sixth form school college students. It contains a ton of extremely thoughtful imaginative and artistic artwork from pupils at several sixth sort faculties in the British isles.

I was amazed by the diversity of media utilised, subject areas tackled and distinctive techniques employed to portraying messages about sustainability and the current and potential pitfalls to world earth.

“The sustainability agenda has never been much more essential and the exhibition highlights students’ hopes and fears about the long term, whilst also showcasing their monumental creativity and innovation,”
Alex Burghart, former Parliamentary Less than Secretary of Condition at the Division for Training – who introduced the exhibition.

As I began to seem at the artwork it struck me that there is certainly a bit of a gulf starting to open up up involving art established by younger folks – who are focused on matters which make any difference a lot to them – and artwork by significantly older people in other exhibitions in which the artwork seems to be a lot more standard and very typically demonstrates very little interest in topical difficulties.


My favourites integrated the following. 

  • Click the hyperlinks in the title to see a considerably bigger impression on the web. 
  • I have also provided inbound links to the pupils where by I could discover them on the internet.
Hope for the future by Ruby Currie
I especially liked the use of the textile art and its use of a variety of messages addressing several distinct elements of modern day daily life and problems of concern and the styles she utilized to capture awareness. 

I favored his sophisticated technique involving:

  • the use of the concertina reserve which operates very well when making an attempt to show a good deal of different pictures
  • his monochromatic palette with hints of colour
  • the integration and juxtaposition of distinctive textual content and labels with the fundamental photographs

Echoes of Andy Warhol – but with a sharper message. I liked the very simple style and design with the seductive colour palette which turns out to be “in your face” when it will come to messaging. Eugene by now has a pretty amazing Linked In profile.

Finding a Balance by Trinity Fairman

This appear to be a mix of a drawing and a photographic collage of some nicely chosen photographs – which when merged in a clever composition offer an arresting picture. I located her declaring this about the artwork on her College’s Facebook Page 

“This piece is about Mom Character versus mankind and displays how the balance needs to be observed to cease performing destruction to our earth.” Trinity Fairman


Invoice Watkin, chief executive of the Sixth Form Schools Association (SFCA) – which is the founded voice of committed sixth kind education and learning and the hub of a national community of sixth sort vendors – commented

“This online exhibition is also a way of celebrating the arts and recognising excellence in sixth kind faculties. It is imperative that we keep the arts in education and learning secure and flourishing. If youthful folks are to make a definitely useful contribution to culture, even if they are to be effective researchers, engineers, medical professionals and experts, they need to have to develop their creative capabilities, their inventive sensitivities and their capability to interact with other people.”

You can see the exhibition on line until 12th August 2022.

a sample of the artwork to be observed in the on the net exhibition

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