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How to Improve a Team’s Performance

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The work environment of many people includes working in teams. Therefore, to succeed at work often involves bonding with the team you work with. In order to do this, you must be able to collaborate with your work team. You must bond with the members of your team. You can learn to bond with your team members with activities that are not only lots of fun, but they also allow you to see the members of your team in a different light as well as a different setting.

Team building exercises are both fun and motivational. Bonding with your team allows you to build communication, problem-solving, planning, and conflict resolution skills. Ideas for team bonding often make long-term team building possible. These team building ideas are designed to encourage both deeper discussions and sincere connections.

A Problem-Solving Exercise

Work teams are faced with having to solve a problem almost every day. Role-playing activities can help your team to develop problem-solving skills. There is a great activity for experiencing solving a problem could be a game in which the team members pretend they are stranded in a lifeboat after having been shipwrecked. The team must decide and agree which items are most needed for their survival. You can find a worksheet your team can use for this activity.

This game is designed to help your team members develop problem-solving skills such as analyzing information, negotiating, and finally cooperating with the other team members. While developing these skills, the team members should be encouraged to think about how they made their decisions. Additional games for the development of problem-solving skills can be found online. You will find a description of the additional games, a list of needed materials for each game, instructions, and even a worksheet to use when playing the game.

An Exercise on Communication

Can poor communication cause problems? It certainly can and is often the root of a problem. Conflict, mistakes, missed deadlines, problems in quality, and lost opportunities are often the result of poor communication. If you’re going to work with a team, it would certainly be necessary for your team to develop their communication skills.

There are many online team building activities to not only improve the team members’ communication skills, but to also help them with building trust as they develop relationships with each other. For example, one site describes three exercises designed to improve a team’s communications titled “Birthday Line”, “The Three Minute Story”, and “The Bridge”.

Build Conflict Resolution Skills

Many of us are faced with dealing with conflict in the workplace. The conflict could occur between two co-workers who are working on a project together. When this happens, you must learn how to work with a difficult person in your workplace. This is especially true if the person is a member of your team. An online site provides an excellent teamwork exercise designed to give a person insight into how decisions are made within a team. Their game is called “Four-Word-Build-A-Conflict Resolution and Teamwork Exercise”.

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