Gritty poses nude, finally gets recognized for being a work of art

“Paint me like one of your French jawns.”

Gritty— that mad, familiar Flyers mascot—stripped down to his own nitty-gritty on Wednesday in order to pose for an oil painting. The orange whatever-he-is used the above caption for one of his many tweets accompanying the occasion, promptly causing Twitter to explode in a way that would make even a Kardashian envious.

Despite the nudity, Gritty remained tasteful (as always) in both poise and looks. In the first Twitter video, one sees Gritty striding in, magnificent, before gloriously shedding his Joe Namath coat in order to saucily pose for the artist who, like the rest of us, was in awe.

And although the artist and Gritty remained in close proximity to each other during this session (jealous), worry not, Gritty fans—despite having no clothes on, Gritty remained cognizant of the proper COVID-19 safety protocols, keeping his protective visor on for the whole time.

The final product was scarily realistic, capturing the sheer animal magnetism Gritty naturally exudes. Interestingly, though, the artist decided to go with blue for the background of the painting even though the session took place at the Flyers’ arena. However, dare we say, it does indeed make Gritty’s eyes pop.

So why did Gritty pose nude? Where will this painting go now that it has been bestowed upon the world? Where did that leather couch come from, and who got saddled with cleaning it afterwards?

The world never really knows with Gritty. And we would never have him tell.

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