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Going On A Pottery Trip | Gaspar Gorodisch | Episode 836

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Gaspar Gorodisch | Episode 836

Gaspar Gorodisch is an Argentinian potter, Born in 1996 in the city of Buenos Aires. Through his young adult life Gaspar hopped between careers and jobs, having started as a cook at 18, managing bands and studying music full time at 20, and due to a bizarre accident, falling in love with pottery.


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When did the idea hit you that you could do a pottery tour?

So when we went to the first national park and we couldn’t get in, we were like okay we have to switch it up and improvise, and that’s when I actually thought about it. I started reaching out through Instagram. I think that’s the key, reach out and be honest about what you want. I started reaching out to different potters and the actual road trip that we ended up taking was after potters answered and said, Hey, yes, show up and we’ll do something. So that actually molded the trip.

Was it good having a traveling companion?

I think it was key. Because as amazing as it ended up being it most definitely was a leap of faith that people were actually going to be nice. So having someone to actually laugh about the non-sensical situation that you are in was amazing. He’s not a potter, he’s just an amazing friend who was up for the adventure. Shout out to Tommy.

When you started to reach out how did you plan the actual road trip?

We were in California so we just started going up, no we said, If  we go up North it’s going to be Washington and Oregon. If we go East it’s going to be Idaho and Montana, right? So we narrowed it down to those four states because that’s the time that we had and that’s what we could actually do. So I started reaching out to potters I knew in those states. So that’s how it started, so we knew the state but we didn’t know the city, so when they said, Yes, show up. That’s when we pinpointed the actual place we had to be at.

Did you set up an actual schedule?

No, we winged it. The only thing we actually had was Danny’s workshop that we were supposed to drive to. It made us enjoy the trip more because we could improvise and if we wanted to stay somewhere we stayed somewhere. That’s actually how we ended up becoming friendly with Adam and that ended up turning into my apprenticeship with him. It’s important to have time to improvise.

Did you drive using a van?

Yes, we actually lived in a van and I am 6’2″ and my feet hang off  the bed, so I slept for a month and a half with my feet dangling out of a bed. It was super short, but you get used to it, it’s not that bad.

Would you do it again?

Oh yeah. I would do it differently though.

How would you do it differently?

So remember when I said, Don’t rush. ?  I would love to be able to be actually free. As dumb as it might sound, six months is a short window. You know it’s going to finish. So I would love to be able to do the same thing but having the ability to do it potentially for years.

What would you do differently on your trip?

Wow, that’s a tough one. Honestly, not much. It was with its ups and downs and at moments it was tough. I wouldn’t change anything. If I would do another one I would do things differently but the one that I had and I made some friends I know are going to last for years. It actually molded the things that I want to make. The one thing that I actually learned was everything that I don’t know. I know what I don’t know now, the vast world that pottery is.


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