24/06/2024 6:03 AM


Adorn your Feelings

Frist Art Museum celebrates art deco’s stamp on history, art, architecture

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To close out the anniversary celebration of its 20th year, the Frist Art Museum will take an in-depth look back at the era of its own building with the exhibition “American Art Deco: Designing for the People, 1918-1939.”

Consider it a Frist Art Museum selfie, if you will.

The Frist Art Museum building (c. 1934) is a perfect backdrop for the museum’s latest exposition, “American Art Deco: Designing for the People 1918-1939” because the building itself is a shining example of art deco architecture as seen here in the museum’s lobby.

Originally designed as the postal headquarters in 1934, the building itself is a poster child for the art deco movement of the 1920s and 1930s with its varying colors of marble often displayed in geometric shapes and its cast-aluminum doors and grillwork.

Senior Curator Katie Delmez said the timing of this exhibition was intentional to honor and celebrate the historic building that narrowly escaped demolition before being restored and reopened as the Frist Center for the Visual Arts in 2001.

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